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  1. Thanks for the feedback! - We are going to introduce all time leaderboards for individual players in the upcoming release! We will take the teams leaderboard in consideration. - We will look into the mute bug, this seems anoying. - We cant really add a unlimited buyin for las vegas right now, we tried this before with a 100million + buyin and there just where not enough people playing! but we can try again some day in the future! Thanks for the feedback!
  2. You are on the list.. 5th row.. 3rd from the top
  3. In the 6th chest is now a chance to win a Ultra Spin
  4. AUTO TOP-OFF The next release will include the option to enable auto top-off in all Cashgames saloons! After each round, the auto top-off feature will refill your chip stack to the amount you brought to the poker table. CHANGE GENDER You will be able to change your gender, this option will be available in the inventory. We have also made all the hats available for male & female characters! Check out the new hats that are available for you now! POKER INTERFACE - CALL CURRENT BET We wanted to create a smoother experience in poker and people have been requesting this featu