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  1. Hi Herpderp, could you try to clear the cache, and try on a different browser? Please tell me if it doesn't work.
  2. Hi Beridok, GOP 3 [march 2017] is not needed, while GOP3 [june 2017] is required.
  3. Hi Yoho, Excuses voor mijn late reactie. Is het probleem inmiddels verholpen? Zo niet, stuur mij dan een privébericht met jouw userID zodat we kunnen kijken wat er misgaat.
  4. Hi Governors! We have a new great Governor of Poker 3 update for you: Gift Calendar: Get a free gift each day! Holiday events Ultra Spin Seasonal Event Missions XP bar fixed - Many bug fixes Double XP After the free spin!
  5. Hi TexasMama, Have you tried to reinstall the App on your Iphone or laptop? Is there a same issue when you play on Steam?
  6. Hi Chacall, You are welcome. I'm glad to hear the problem is solved! Enjoy Poker!
  7. Hi Dani, you can find Halloween hats in both "Halloween" and "VIP hats" sections.
  8. Hi Canibals, you can expect it soon, as we are processing the update now. It normally takes longer for us to update for iOS. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  9. Hi Chacall, could you please send an email with your userID and a description of this issue to ? Our support staff can fix this issue for you! Sorry for any inconvenience.
  10. Hi Johnlennon, the update on Facebook Gameroom will follow up soon. Also, we are trying to fix the team points bug now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Many thanks for the feedback!
  11. Hi Elon, as long as we don't see a pattern of cheating, then it should be fine.
  12. Hi Chacall, do you play on Steam? We also just released the new client on Steam. Could you please update to 3.5.0, and see if your level bar is still locked? Sorry for any inconvenience.
  13. Hi Chacall, Great that you noticed we rebalanced the XP a bit. You actually didn't lose your XP, but the required XP for your level has changed. You will also get much more XP in the saloons though, so your time to complete the level is about the same. Also, we just released Android 3.5.0 today. If you are using Android, please update to the new 3.5.0 client. In the new client, there is a much more detailed progression for experience, and you will notice the XP progression clearly. I hope this will answer your question.
  14. Hi Mcfan, could you try to use a different browser (such as Firefox) to open this website: Does "Verify email" show up?