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  1. Questions & Answers

    Hey Governors, Do you have any questions about Governor of Poker 3? You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about different topics on this page: If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them here.

    Do you have any questions about Poker World? Please feel free to post them here, we'd love to help!
  3. Howdy Governors! We are very excited to introduce you to our new feature - Poker Teams ! Team Chat Now you can chat with your teammates anywhere! You can see who is online and where they are playing, so you can easily join them. Team Challenge It is time to team up with your friends to complete the interesting team challenges! Everyone in the team will work towards the goals as a group by earning team points, and you will earn chests when the challenges are completed. Team Points are based on XP won in a hand, the more XP you win, the more Team Points you will earn for the team. Chest can contain: Chips, Gold, XP and Hats. (Note: The start dates of Team Challenge are not fixed. A new challenge will be announced before it starts.) Team Settings There will be three types of teams: Open: Anyone can join. Invite Only: Anyone can request to join or be invited by the Leader or Officers. Closed: Players can only join if they are invited by the Leader or Officers. Currently we allow every team to have 20 members. Available requirements: Location, Level, Chip stack When creating a team, you can enter a team name, description and requirements. It costs 25 gold to create a team, and joining one is for free. Team Ranks There are 4 ranks within a team: Leader: The player who created the team. The Leader can kick any members, accept/decline any pending users, change team settings and promote/demote team members. Officer: The Officer can kick members with a lower rank, accept/decline any pending users, and promote/demote team members with a lower rank. Member: a respected member without any special rights Rookie: a new member, that still has to prove his added value to the team. Leaderboard Help your team to reach at the top of the global Leaderboard! The new feature is now released on all the platforms! Tell us what you think about the new feature, we'd like to hear from you! Comment with your feedback, and have a chance to win $100,000 chips!! (The winner of $100,000 chips will be randomly picked and announced on July 28th)
  4. Hi Governors! We have a new great Governor of Poker 3 update for you: Gift Calendar: Get a free gift each day! Holiday events Ultra Spin Seasonal Event Missions XP bar fixed - Many bug fixes Double XP After the free spin!
  5. Join our beta program on Steam or Google Play to play the new Poker Teams feature now! To join our beta program on Steam: Right click "Governor of poker 3" in your steam library. Click on "Properties". Go to the last tab called "BETAS"Select "beta-" from the drop-down menu. To join our beta program on Google Play: Click on this link: Click "BECOME A TESTER" (Note: You need to log in to your Google Account first) Check it out, and tell us what you think about Poker Teams. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

    Hey Governors, Do you have any questions about Governor of Poker 2? Please feel free to post them here, we'd love to help!
  7. Hey Governors, The maximum number of team members has been raised from 20 to 25 ! Play with a bigger team, and make more friends!
  8. Hi Herpderp, could you try to clear the cache, and try on a different browser? Please tell me if it doesn't work.
  9. Local files

    Hi Beridok, GOP 3 [march 2017] is not needed, while GOP3 [june 2017] is required.
  10. Questions & Answers

    Hi Yoho, Excuses voor mijn late reactie. Is het probleem inmiddels verholpen? Zo niet, stuur mij dan een privébericht met jouw userID zodat we kunnen kijken wat er misgaat.
  11. Hi TexasMama, Have you tried to reinstall the App on your Iphone or laptop? Is there a same issue when you play on Steam?
  12. Here are some poker hand nicknames you might not know: Pair of Aces: Bullets, Pocket Rockets, Snake Eyes, Batteries, Needles, Teepees Pair of Kings: Cowboys, King Kong, Knights, Ace Magnets Pair of Queens: Ladies, Snowshoes Pair of Jacks: Brothers, Fishhooks Pair of Tens: Dimes, Dynamite, Audi Pair of Nines: Popeyes, Pothooks Pair of Eights: Snowmen, Piano Keys, Racetracks Pair of Sevens: Axes, Candy Canes, Walking Sticks Pairs of Sixes: Boots, Cherries Pair of Fives: Snakes, Speed Limit Pair of Fours: Sailboats, Magnum Pair of Threes: Crabs Pair of Twos: Ducks, Swans Spade Flush: Digging Deep Heart Flush: Valentine's Day, All My Hearts Club Flush: Golf Bag, Puppy Feet Diamond Flush: Well-Dressed A-A-A-A-K: Knights of the Round Table A-A-A-K-K: Big full, The Penthouse A-K-Q-J-10: Broadway (off-suit), Royal Flush (suited) Q-Q-Q-Q-J: Bachelor’s Dream Do you know some other poker hand nicknames? Share with us!
  13. We have a new great Governor of Poker 3 update for you: Missions: Play saloon missions and earn extra rewards Animated Halloween hats! Halloween Spin and Play event on the train Xp bar in profile, with target numbers and reward New Xp balance: So MUCH more XP when you play in higher saloons! Higher Levelup rewards! Country Flags in player profiles Improvements to Team Challenge graphics Many bug fixes
  14. Preso no lvl 34

    Hi Chacall, You are welcome. I'm glad to hear the problem is solved! Enjoy Poker!

    Hi Dani, you can find Halloween hats in both "Halloween" and "VIP hats" sections.

    Hi Canibals, you can expect it soon, as we are processing the update now. It normally takes longer for us to update for iOS. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  17. Preso no lvl 34

    Hi Chacall, could you please send an email with your userID and a description of this issue to ? Our support staff can fix this issue for you! Sorry for any inconvenience.
  18. GOP3 on Facebook Gameroom

    Hi Johnlennon, the update on Facebook Gameroom will follow up soon. Also, we are trying to fix the team points bug now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Many thanks for the feedback!
  19. Hi Elon, as long as we don't see a pattern of cheating, then it should be fine.
  20. Preso no lvl 34

    Hi Chacall, do you play on Steam? We also just released the new client on Steam. Could you please update to 3.5.0, and see if your level bar is still locked? Sorry for any inconvenience.
  21. Preso no lvl 34

    Hi Chacall, Great that you noticed we rebalanced the XP a bit. You actually didn't lose your XP, but the required XP for your level has changed. You will also get much more XP in the saloons though, so your time to complete the level is about the same. Also, we just released Android 3.5.0 today. If you are using Android, please update to the new 3.5.0 client. In the new client, there is a much more detailed progression for experience, and you will notice the XP progression clearly. I hope this will answer your question.
  22. Problem solved

    Hi Mcfan, could you try to use a different browser (such as Firefox) to open this website: Does "Verify email" show up?
  23. [Android] How to get Beta updates?

    Hi Beridok, many thanks for your valuable feedback! To sign up for being a Beta tester of Android version, please click on this link: I hope this will answer your question!

    Hi Lonce, the promo code will be used in the future for special events/promotions! However we did not start with these special promotions yet, and this feature is a placement mistake. We are very sorry for the confusion.