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  1. On 20/08/2017 at 6:57 PM, NeiDneX said:

    Sorry for posting again,but today i realized on old GOP 3 videos on youtube that guys can see how much experience they need to level up,can you make that we can see it again?

    Good idea! We will discuss about it. Thanks!

  2. 14 minutes ago, Benjouu said:

    I could not verify my mail adress... please could you send me the verification mail once again?

    Hi Benjouu, try to click this website:   

    Then click "Verify email" at the top, and enter your email address.


    If you still couldn't receive the verification email, please send an email to, and we will look into the issue.


  3. On 01/08/2017 at 9:58 AM, javarye16 said:

    yes... why cant i get the original user name back on the game after the caches cleaning?


    where can i discovered the purchase for full game that had been bought?


    did yall updated the app to removed the features that we cannot access to?

    Hi JAVARYE16,  do you mean you lost your game progress after your cache was cleaned? And now you lost your account and the full game is locked again?

    No, we haven't updated the game for a while, so we didn't remove any features. 

  4. 1 hour ago, codename47 said:

    well, I've read it again and it says something about my browser so probably  something needs to be fixed on my end. Googled it but nothing helpful came out.

    Hi Codename47, maybe you could try Firefox. Because it has the highest compatibility with Unity WebGL. :)

  5. Join our beta program on Steam or Google Play to play the new Poker Teams feature now!



    • To join our beta program on Steam:

    Right click "Governor of poker 3" in your steam library. Click on "Properties".


    Go to the last tab called "BETAS"Select "beta-" from the drop-down menu.



    • To join our beta program on Google Play:

    Click on this link:


    (Note: You need to log in to your Google Account first)


    Check it out, and tell us what you think about Poker Teams. Your feedback is highly appreciated!:)

  6. Hi Shine,  click "Community" (at the right top)2c4d9f514cc8c0f5c59210a724739e675e4bf604-t.JPG.b13511f397228c82f6976a1b8a70434f.JPG-->"Referrals" --> "Refer a friend" --> Send out your referral code (in the top right corner) to your friends --> Your friends play the game and fill in your referral code 

    Once a friend has filled your Referral code, they will show up in your Referral menu. You will get rewards for certain levels that these friends reach, for example an amount for reaching level 5. The rewards will grow as the player reaches higher levels.

    You can invite as many players as you like and earn from each one of them.


    Tell me if you have any other questions.xD

  7. Howdy Governors!

    We are very excited to introduce you to our new feature - Poker Teams !5968b0b8e00f0_79BEC3C6B07C609DB373EDF051532C7C12588EE6D149AF1D3Dpimgpsh_fullsize_distr.thumb.png.0710b1c0c4d3a316c9139521d2607476.png


    Team Chat

    Now you can chat with your teammates anywhere!

    You can see who is online and where they are playing, so you can easily join them. 


    Team Challenge

    It is time to team up with your friends to complete the interesting team challenges!  

    Everyone in the team will work towards the goals as a group by earning team points, and you will earn chests when the challenges are completed. xD

    Team Points are based on XP won in a hand, the more XP you win, the more Team Points you will earn for the team.

    Chest can contain: Chips, Gold, XP and Hats.

    (Note: The start dates of Team Challenge are not fixed. A new challenge will be announced before it starts.)



    Team Settings

    There will be three types of teams:

    • Open: Anyone can join.
    • Invite Only: Anyone can request to join or be invited by the Leader or Officers.  
    • Closed: Players can only join if they are invited by the Leader or Officers.

    Currently we allow every team to have 20 members. 

    Available requirements: Location, Level, Chip stack

    When creating a team, you can enter a team name, description and requirements. It costs 25 gold to create a team, and joining one is for free.


    Team Ranks

    There are 4 ranks within a team:

    • Leader: The player who created the team. The Leader can kick any members, accept/decline any pending users, change team settings and promote/demote team members.
    • Officer: The Officer can kick members with a lower rank, accept/decline any pending users, and promote/demote team members with a lower rank.
    • Member: a respected member without any special rights
    • Rookie: a new member, that still has to prove his added value to the team.



    Help your team to reach at the top of the global Leaderboard!


    The new feature is now released on all the platforms! 

    Tell us what you think about the new feature, we'd like to hear from you!

    Comment with your feedback, and have a chance to win $100,000 chips!!:D

    (The winner of $100,000 chips will be randomly picked and announced on July 28th)

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