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  1. Hi Andie and Little Wing, Could you try to clear your cache. If the problem is still there, let us know!
  2. Hi guys, Sorry for the late communication. There was a tech issue and we solved it later that day, we were busy solving it and forgot to communicate it here. Sorry for any inconvenience and enjoy poker!
  3. Hi guys, It should be solved! Let us know if you still have issues. Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. Hi Governors, Seems something is going on with the login for people that login with their email or a different oAuth. So it should work when you play on mobile without email login, but shouldsn't when you got email connected. For now you could play on Facebook web or Gameroom or Steam. We expect to have a solution soon though!
  5. Hi Kahlan, Sorry for the late reply. Support could solve this issue, you mention though that they didn't reply. I know the team is really busy with all the requests getting in (and those are a lot:) ) , but you should always have an answer within 3 days (usually within 1). Did you use the support button ingame? game/settings/support ? If you send me your userid(visible in your settings), i can ask them to look for your ticket
  6. Hey everyone, Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the support Beridok! The news got to the team though, all should have been fixed a while ago.. but let us know if you still have any issues.
  7. Hey guys, So Sorry for the late reply! The honest answer is that i'm not sure. To my best knowledge there isn't a real algorithm in place here, as the casual approach is used to keep the game simple to users. The basic Poker rules are followed with the blinds, where it would simple move round, despite people leaving and joining. This would also mean that in a heads up situation the blinds are different.. where the dealer becomes the small blind, instead of the big. (heads up could off course also happen if people leave..resulting in 2 times bigblind) It's a good topic and i
  8. Hey Willzthrill, Thanks for reporting this. Is this is a specific language and OS(version)? It would be great if you could record this with a recording app, as we haven't heard of this one before.
  9. The Xmas Casino just opened in Vegas! It has a limited time mission to win the rare Ice Governor hat. This tournament will run till January 7th. December Gift Calendar has also started! You just have to play a few hands to claim your daily present! Each day random prizes will come out of the presents, this includes Chips, Gold and (Rare)Hats. On Saturday and Sunday there are bigger green presents. And it would be good to claim the presents on Xmas, as these have more rare items and bigger rewards! Did you notice the new XP doubler yet?! We got some great feedback from
  10. indeed, it should show that the tournament has already started. Try again later.
  11. Hi Dani, In this case the friends are playing: spin & play, Heads up challenge or sit & go And the game has already started. (So you can't join it anymore) We are in a transition to get different messages in these situations. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Hey Code, Do you mean that they typed an empty chat?
  13. Below the team title, there is indeed a team description.. you can indeed use it as a motto as well. The cups are for Team Leaderboard results. In the Leaderboard there is a "Poker Teams" tab. The winning teams of that week will get trophies. So if i understand it correctly, you have seen the chat he send at the table itself (above the players hat) .. but not in the poker chat history? I haven't heard this before, but we'll keep a look out for it. This is a security. You can't join the challenge when it's already ongoing and you switched from one team(/chall
  14. Hey Codename47, Your email verification is fixed now. For the web error, i've add this to our bug list. I've seen this in the past, so maybe cleaning your cache would already work, but we'll also look into it. You could also try a different browser. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  15. We just increased the max Team members from 10 to 20.