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  1. Not for me. Like i said i lost my fun, too much Stress or to much real money necessary to Go on. I am done here. Der Doc Team: BLACKMAGIC
  2. @p8hcbMe Neither @BeridokSure, Still got 800 Gold. But...
  3. Just give us the Option to Sell them for Chips or Gold, i would love to reduce them.
  4. I would like to leave my comment to your 6. Chest challenge. In short i dont like it. Long: With 5 Chest it was fun to do the challenge and yes my Team could win it easy and relaxed. Some ok lots of pokerrounds, some heads up and done. Now it is stress. As a medium sized Team with most Players below 25 Million Chips we really must put work in it. And we did and made it. Only way to make it is high stakes blackjack. I came here to play poker. But poker gives not enough points. At least with my chips and free time. Also before the 6. Chest heads up games gave double tea