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  1. Todays goal was winning 20 hands. Reward? 15k, 2 sigars and a milk. You must be joking right?
  2. Team fold always get all of the chests. Active VIP players are always welcome.
  3. First 6 chests are filled with Rubbisch. 7th and 8th good prices for players that had more than 10k teampoints. Also dissapointing for players with 9k points. I have all the hats, batches and dont care about xp points. Can you build something so we can sell the hats and pins? And please fix the blackjack teampoints. 250k risk isnt worth 3 points.
  4. Recorder another 100 hands, to make sure You cant rely on hotstreaks or what so ever. Another couple of millions gone but its very clear now that the gamble autorities gonna l ook at this recordings and this clearly fraude game.
  5. Recorded 200 hands at blackjack, you'll know the outcome. I'm gonna send this file to the proper authorities. For the developers: watch my log between 1 and 2 pm. You know its rigged. Lost 20m with a defence strategy. All of your hands end with 21 or 20. You are busted!!!
  6. Rigged Not only the piggy bank is fucked up with the latest update. (It doesnt fill anymore). Also the blackjack is rigged!!( dealer wins at least 5 hands to 1 hand at 250 or 500k stake). Mentioned 1000 times by other players. And thats with a couple of teampoints. The slot is rigged as well. AND...the ultra spin is also a fraude! Spinnend 10 times and the best was 50m! But most of it 24 or 30m. This is not a random spin but a calculated fixed spin. All for the benifits for the developers. 100m or even 150m? Dont count on it, this game is all about making profit despite of the loyal pla
  7. Since last week the piggy bank fills real slow. Everybody is noticed it! I have 3 piggy`s in spare so slowly it fills. Please redo this. Also, fix the blackjack teampoints! 100 en 250k stake give the same 4 points(!) What about bet 50k 5 points, 100k 6 points, 250k 8 points and 500k 10 points? Greetings Fold
  8. Hi gop team, Thanks for The ultraspin, many of my team also got it. Please give ultraspin as well to mvp in teamchallenge.
  9. Also want the challenge to start on tuesday and ends on sunday. Good idea from Radiant to let players choose between chips-xp-gold or collectables. Keep up the good work!
  10. Hi There. Is There a change thats the teams can contain 40 members?