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  1. love playing this game meeting people all over the world. making friends. showing you can work together every race religion.  enjoy the escape from whats going on in the world today. very good game.


  2. cant play a game keeps saying game crashed. please help me with this.
  3. cant play a game keeps saying game crashed. please help me with this.
  4. http://bre7567@gmail.comi nwish you would put spin&play back like it was. it seems your catering to people with lots of chips. I don't have a lot but love to play
  5. my team got all 6 chests. I got 2 free spins, out of the spins I got1mil. 800thousand. which I'm ok with that. so then I go to spin&play. love that game. I played the 1million. the whole game just about every hand it said they were having tech problems. it would blink off then when it came back on we were in a different hand, the pot was 6million. a few times I was winning but when it came back on I had lost. couldn't check last hand played either. I buy a good bit if chips. but I do really well on challenge. usually have 3 or 4 spots on the stats/ ive contacted gop3 I at least want t
  6. I have contacted them and still didn't get it
  7. I played spin&play again got1500pts was playing for 2mil. didn't get it though. don't know why this keeps happening. guess I don't need to play that one game. I just won 4mil on spin & play and they didn't give it to me. don't know whats going on with this game but that's not right. I want the 4mil I won
  8. Ready?im on a poker team we got all 6 chests. they gave one person on the team a ultra spin. which is great but there was one person with over11,000 pts, and some very close to that. the person that got it had 11hundred pts. that dosent seem very fair.