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  1. ya and the stupid gifts of tissues, violins and milk for babies ... this was all my point to gop telling me my player name of LuvBustinU was 'offensive' yet lucky fish can rub it in your face ALL over the place. STUPID OH and what the hell did you do to the gifts... you keep making the game worse. was bought tissues tonight due to a suck out ... then they sent milk, then thney sent a violin to me, so I went to gift myself to rid of the 'offensive' gifts and WHOA, i'm stuck with 'em. CANT CHANGE 'EM NOW ... thank you very much gop. do you guys think about the things you do????
  2. I dont know HOW but I am SURE they do ... the place seems to be LOADED with cheaters
  3. can you please check user dew1, says missed a day but was pretty sure he completed yesterday and claimed gift
  4. but ... it seems they are ALL cheaters, they all get too many chips ... so that's that
  5. i have tons of 'poker' friends on fb ... sad that i can't give 'em an affiliate link to come play. what are the requirements?
  6. point being, its not a challenge at all for teams with billions of chips ... and the teams with low chips will NEVER make it ... its not fair challenge or fun for that matter but I can see you dont think its a problem and will never change, so I just dont care about the challenge any more, its just stupid
  7. and how about doing team challenges by team levels teams with a total of a few million chips vs teams with a total of billions of chips have no chance of making the leaderboard ever or finishing the challenges. i say they will never make the leaderboard, because the rich keep getting richer and there is no chance to catch up to them my team almost started to get all chests, then you added another, then another ... now we can't come close to finishing the challenge, only teams full of high chip holders seem to be the ones that can make all the team challenge chests and get the be
  8. because, dang, the chips needed to get on the boards seem like you have to play multi tables non stop and win 99% of them to have the scores I see on there. seems a little outrageous with these scores they are getting and some are on there repeatedly... i can't make it on there once cause i dont win every hand of every game lol
  9. not sure if this has been mentioned but BEING ABLE TO MARK PLAYERS ... i play a lot of the same people and would like a reminder if they are a fish, shark etc any other poker I have ever played online lets you mark players to remember for next time this is a MUST
  10. @Ines I think I said I filled out the form for the affiliate request a long time ago ... how long does it take to get the link?
  11. how long does it take to be notified about applying for the affiliate program? I would like to share my GOP3 experiences online and link to my affiliate link for those who want to jump onboard and play ? I filled out the form but haven't heard anything in a few days
  12. how are 'chips won' for teams counted? my team is always in the negatives ... this does not make sense to me what does a team need to do to rank on the leaderboard? h how can it be in the negatives? is that because members lose more than they win?