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  1. like i thought now all 7 chests are open in 26 hours and players that make before 15000 points now have only 4000 a 5000 points because they dont have time to start on wednesday evening
  2. thanks Gop i understand that you make more time for teams to reach chest 7 but now whit new rules to start on wednesday evening it are real shit whe have a player in team that make 28000 points in 30 hours whit new rules that player go make now 10000 points before others can start playing because he have different hours there it are still morning and most of our players dont have time to start at 21h00 european time on wednesday evening now other players can never more be MVP
  3. i get only a blackscreen when i try to login in gameroom from FB
  4. hi Dennis thanks for fix the problem now it work i can back login
  5. Hi beridok that online browser dont work it give error to
  6. no a member from my team recieved all chests and there where no 2 spins inside
  7. you are not alone Kyra in my team different members not recieved chest 6 and some players not recieved chest 5 and 6 i have recieved response from gop that whe go have chest 6 monday but it are not fair for people that not recieved chest 5 so i hope they go give a very good chest 6 because i losed 2 megaspins and gold from 2 chests
  8. when whe opened chests 5 have many members from my team and me have a error whe needed logout when whe get back in game chest 6 where gone and whe never reciieved gold and mega or ultra spin from chest 6
  9. spring calendar are disapered from screen