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  1. Hi my team and I have been having an issue where we cannot see the team scores or personal points when we click the team icon. It says 'Service not available - The team service is not available at the moment please try again later. It's been like this since the start of the challenge on Wednesday.. Thanks,
  2. My team has the same problem, Kyra. This isnt fair we worked hard for the 6th chest and we got an ERROR and the 6th chest was gone.....
  3. Our team has the same ERROR 412! they better fix this! we worked hard!
  4. Hi, My team (DINOSAURS) just completed 6/6 chests and I did not receive the 6th chest rewards. When i clicked open chest, it gave me ERROR 412 and the game crashed. I opened the game back up to see that i have no 6th chest OR the mega spin and hat!! I talked to 3 other members who have the same problem. Please fix this.