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  1. So much for the dino hats....waited weeks for absolutely nothing. Spent my 500m on 2.5m slots and went bankrupt. That's how bored I am with the game. Lost another player, but I'm sure they don't care. Also just realized the nerfed the points you get playing black jack....what a joke. Yes let's make these challenges EVEN HARDER and give the same crappy rewards.
  2. Our team already finished the challenge for the week and yay...2 mega spins and some double xp for 24 hours. So worth it. Not...
  3. I'm aware. So the prizes could be worth a little more or what's the point?
  4. When will dino hats be in the game? Team challenges are boring without new hats. Last time I got two mega spins for a total of 1.5m. (700k and 800k) I lost much more than that getting points for the challenge.
  5. I want all big wins to come back....they obviously dont care about cheaters as there were tons in the top 10 of each big win this past weekend. So why not have the smaller ones reopen?
  6. What is that? I don't have that on mine
  7. I was pretty upset when I accidentally missed a day due to work but thank full I still got my ultrasound with 29 days completed
  8. It's a new ridiculous feature they put in to try and stop people from trying to skip blinds. When you join the table you are forced to put up at least one blind to even play. I saw someone with an elite hat that was a high roller. I wonder if you can win that hat in boxes or if he downgraded.
  9. This game is getting frustrating. I used to get 3 hats out of the 20k boxes. Now that we have to get 50k, I get 0 hats. I got the 3 cat hats and know that the next 3 weeks will give a dog hat but man the prizes are almost worst while having to work harder. And the new rule about blinds is absolutely ridiculous. I go into the big tables and automatically have to pay 200k even with a crappy hand and then everyone leaves and I have to join another table and put out another 200k...lost almost a million chips before I could even find a stable table.