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  1. Why is Black Jack such a rip off? There is something about it that is so unrealistic. How can the dealer usually draw a 10 or face card and the player gets a crappy card? If I draw 3 cards there's a pretty good chance I'm going to bust when it's not unusual to see the dealer draw 3 or 4 cards and end up with 20 or 21. Is it just me or are other players experiencing this as well? Over the past couple months I've lost probably 60 million chips because of this. And now the points you get when playing it in the team challenges doesn't make it worthwhile to even take the risk because chances are you're going to lose!

  2. Is anybody else getting this message when trying to login: The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. 

    GOP# and their support team need to do something about these login issues. I'm trying to help my team in the team challenge and also play every day in the World Cup Event and I don't want to get screwed out of an ultra spin again!

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  3. What will be done to give us that day on the Spring Calendar? I was unable to login before the end of the day and now my calendar says I skipped that day when I didn't. I fully intended to play and qualify that day but now because I couldn't login and was unable to play that day I won't have a chance at an Ultra Spin when I complete the calendar. It wasn't my fault I didn't play it and I shouldn't be punished for it. GOP3 needs to give me the day on my calendar.

    This is the error message from that day:

    {"status":"success","data":{"responseList":[{"cmd":"Error","message":"Something went wrong trying to log you in. The error has been logged.","code":406,"type":"Exception","serviceMethod":"unknown","messageCode":412,"languageKey":"something_went_wrong_trying_to_log_you_in_the_error_has_been_logged","headerKey":"error","buttonKey":"support","headerColor":"CC4645","action":"support_block","cmdId":0}],"time":"1524451948553"},"message":null,"responseCode":null,"time":1524451948553}

    Please reply with an answer Dennis. Thanks