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  1. Can you add Lottery ? everyone can buy a lottery ticket with 10k chips. ( unlimited ). Every Sunday @ time ( ..... ) will announce the winner. there will be 25% or 30% tax cut for the lottery winner. ( that will save chips inflation ) Total jack pot price = total sales of ticket through out the week. or set up the jackpot price. so all players can enjoy the lottery regardless of their lvl and chips. anyone can be winner. shark to VIP best Regards, jamesgaw007
  2. I started with 150 mil ... Play the halloween event. wins 13 times. got 4 gold tokens. the results. lose 135 mil ( left with 15 mil )... got 2 rings. 4 gold halloween tokens.. 1. 250k chips 2. gold ticket 3. piggy token 4 hats not profitable event for me
  3. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMIDY7rwQQJgY7TC15AFw2L5fHjdcqTHw5tAS22 video link please check... it seems first digit 7 change to 1
  4. I had been playing slot and poker for few hr. I hit 3 Gop 3 and ultra win a couple of times. I lost track of my chips. when I noticed my chip went up to over 700mil... ( I started video recording ) I logged out , there was pop up vip *** over 600mil.. then I relogin ...my chip change to 150mil. I posted on facebook GOP 3 community with video. I don't know how to uploaded video in this forum. jamesgaw007
  5. any advantages of giving gifts? just for fun? gain exp more? pretty sure players will lose more chips.
  6. Hi... a few mins ago ...I was playing at 10 mil ( Jack pot casino ) table using my phone and middle of the games. suddenly error 412 or 410 appear and cannot log in ..I have very good hand... Does it mean ..I lost all those chips at pot? If server maintenance will be working, GOP 3 should notify all the players.. Now I end up losing chips without knowing it. Best Regards, James
  7. My points is to show that the chance of getting jackpot is rare. GOP3 should consider the odds of percentage to increase getting jackpot for player who purchase ULTRA spin.
  8. I purchased 3 Ultra spin for $99.99... I used up 3 of them... I end up getting 1st spin 24mil 2nd spin 20mil 3rd spin 24mil This is very bad... the spin its not worth it.
  9. if type.... keys... J K L ... those message come up..
  10. Figured it out... everytime i typed in chatting or.. team chat ..there is the pop up...
  11. any update yet... kept losing becasue of this
  12. I played slot machine and poker same time... this following pop up... First I was really happy . I thought I won. Finally I noticed this is just pop up. This pop up kept coming every few mins or chatting. Please fix this please..... I am going to get heart attack Jamesgaw007
  13. yeah! got my ULTRA spin token
  14. Anyone tried the slot machine. The winning chance is very low... lost 100k...