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  1. Yup... same here... yet another calendar with skipped days thanks to... fate
  2. Nevermind... somehow now it works and the game loaded... Hope it won't happen again...
  3. Guys, since the last update I'm having a problem with my browser... I use Chrome and the game doesn't load anymore... after I Loggin with Facebook, the screen goes white and it stays this way, and I can't find the problem... Also until now the game didn't load the first time I clicked the Facebook icon, I had to refresh the page 2 times (after I clicked the Facebook icon) for the game to load... I don't know why but every single time I had to do this if I wanted to play the game... But now the game just won't load anymore... Does anyone else have or had this problem? Pls help... I really don't
  4. OH MY GOD!!! I tryed to give the slot machine a go and thought my bet was 50.000, but it was 50.000.000... and I lost it all on once... I had 80 mils... I feel terrible 'couse it tooke me like a couple of mounths to make all that money... and now with a stupid spin I've lost more than half Think I'll give the game a brake for now... don't know why I'm even posting this... I know it's not the dev's fault, just a misreading on my part... well, time to get on with my life I guess