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  1. Not as limited as your comprehensive skills, apparently, lol.
  2. Still fixing hands pre-flop. What a disgrace.
  3. 1) Go all-in with the crappiest hands you can have, regardless of anything. CONSTANTLY. 2) Say thanks EVERY SINGLE TIME you win a hand, regardless of if you've been complimented before. Actually, NEVER say thanks when you're complimented. Say it ONLY after you win hands and no one says anything. 3) Laugh CONTINUOUSLY when someone loses, and say THAT HURTS, specifically when those wonderful, ONCE-IN-A-FOKIN-LIFETIME one-outers HAPPEN to take place, you know, when one player has flopped a set of Aces (with pocket aces), the table is A35, an opponent holds 59, the first player bets half
  4. Then quit fixing hands preflop, for thankers' sake, and make this a fokin poker game, not an auction mechanism. You've been told a million times, get on with it. Oh, and unban me from table chat already. So many thankers' mothers to wish to.
  5. It's called capitalism. Apparently, the number of players that enjoys being humiliated like that, and comes back for more is larger than those quitting.
  6. It;'s not the players, ARTMAKERJEN, haven't you figured that out already? The game is programmed that way, that is to favor allin-going players. Can't you see the pattern, ALREADY? How many 0,666% chance river cards losses will it take for you to finally accept this as an auction platform, and behave accordingly?? Haven't you noticed that the actual number of your folded hands that would have won the pot is RIDICULOUSLY high? Can't you see that cards are PREDETERMINED, PREFLOP, so as to make up for "interesting" hands? Haven't you observed the exclamation mark in daily activity, how it flas
  7. Yes, I am. Equal (amount of people) to what? To those not coming on here but still upset by and/or observant of, the GOPTA? The number of overall users that complain in here about anything, both as an absolute number and as a % of any other group of users, is irrelevant to the fact that this is indeed an algorithm-manipulated auction game, that resembles a video game (in that you have to follow specific steps and observe patterns and motives) much more than it resembles a poker game. This algorithm can be triggered in one's favor by (among other methods) going all-in, and some p
  8. You are both missing the point. Going all-in, raising, and re-raising, pepretually, IRRESPECTIVE of your hand, is what keeps the auctions, pardon me, the game going, it's what feeds the GOPTA (gop Trolling Algorithm). When you stop treating this as a poker game, and carefully observe the patterns, it will all make sense. p.s. They allegedly stopped the private games, to prevent people from exchanging chips in the Big Win competitions, then eliminated Big Win tables alltogether. Now people just exchange points towards the team challenge goals in all other available tables, simply by a
  9. but this is impossible! gop uses the super fantastic card shuffler that ENSURES a fair game. check your settings, log off and log on, say a mantra at your bathroom mirror, or go to jackpot casino and bet all your stack with a shitty hand. that should fix things.
  10. I am talking about the moon. You are talking about the finger.
  11. Educational? Entertaining? Instructional? If you want to learn about auctions, go to Sotheby's. If you want to learn about poker, go to youtube,. If you want entertainment, spend real time with loved ones. This is a highly manipulated, auction-based card game, where you are perpetually driven to believe that elephants can fly, cucumbers can talk, and raising pre-flop with 8-3 offsuit and 89% of your stack guarantees you a full house, and an unbeatable hand. In here you will meet people behaving in cro-magnon fashion, which if they even tried in real life would cos
  12. You keep treating this as a poker game, Mitso. Well, how many times do I have to post it? It ain't one. This is an auction platform, take it or leave it. And quit spending real money on it, for thanker's sake!
  13. Daily achievements are too difficult to succeed. Here are some suggestions to spice them up, as per Auction Poker style: * Flop a straight, and lose to opponent going all in with a pair, achieving a full house,, or a flush, or even quads. * Flop a full house, and lose to a better full house, because opponent went all-in. * Win 11 consecutive folded hands, so as to make you believe that impossible is truly nothing. * Flop quads, and lose to better quads, because opponent went all-in * Having the nuts and losing to any opponent going all in on the river and hitting a one
  14. Dear gop, I believe I am expressing every single player's sentiments when I write that I absolutely adore this auction-based card game that you have invented! Every time I play, I am thrilled by the way you manipulate not only the hole cards, but also the cards at the table. The method you've created, that is to determine the table cards, flop, turn and river, not randomly, but depending on the betting of the players, is, in my opinion the 2nd best invention of human kind after sliced bread. Moreover, the technique whereby 90% of folded hands in sit & go tables become the w
  15. γαμώ τις πουτάνες τις μανάδες σας μπάσταρδα, με το στημένο το γαμωπαίχνιδό σας, κουραδόμουλοι.
  16. Continuous game delays and crashes during team challenge is yet another, BRILLIANT marketing tool the governor of auction geniuses have devised, to make players even more addicted to this "product". Most often, NO TABLE is available at regular speed, other times it just crashes, naturally when you are trying to bet or have already won the hand but cannot claim the chips. Truly excellent work GoAuction team, THANKS!
  17. You are right, I didn't phrase it carefully. Fixing hands is what governor of auction does, as per its trolling algorithm. What teammates do is communicate via the team chat, when they sit on the same table, and so they know each other's hands, and either avoid playing against each other, or trap idiots like me. As if it were that hard for governor of auction developers to block teamchat when a player is seated at a table. Meanwhile, "they are trying to find a solution" ??. Hope you find teammates soon!
  18. This is indeed FANTASTIC news! Not only does it address EVERY SINGLE concern and complaint raised by auctioneers both here and in facebook in a staggering fashion, it also allows for EVEN MORE players to fix hands through the team chat, thus making the auctions even more surreal for those who continue to treat this as a poker game. So, yes, THANK YOU Governor of Auction!
  19. Repetition is the mother of learning,
  20. Watching the live stream will only confuse you, and may trick you into believing that this is actually a poker game, which you play against other players. It's not, you are fighting against the gop Trolling Algorithm, and your only opponent is the game itself and the auctioning scheme they have devised.. If you want to understand how the trolling algorithm works, you may post your questions here, and someone will most probably respond. The gop staff are too busy fine-tuning the trolling algorithm into the most satanic troll of today's internet. Hope this helps clarify some commo
  21. Muahahahahah, only a few minutes after you guys read my most recent eulogy, the following takes place: flop 9-10-7, I raised preflop with pocket 9s. Guy bets 1/3 of the pot, I double that, and he goes allin. I call of course, and see his cards, he has Q7. Even your average thanker can guess by now, that turn and river, were, OF COURSE, 7 AND 7! Now the question: This hand turned out in such a way because (guess the correct answer): 1) It's LUCK, stupid! Gop uses the best available technology to ENSURE that cards are dealt R-A-N-D-O-M-L-Y. Good LUCK for him, bad LUCK for
  22. Did any of you gop guys accidentally miss-clilck the "WIN ALL FOLDED HANDS" today? It's usually around 75-80%, but today it is exactly 100%. If I didn't know that this is really a poker game I would get into suspicions, you know, that this result is, how should I describe it, pre-determined? We wouldn't want anyone thinking that this is anything but a poker game, would we now? ps. You ARE what you promote really (already mentioned what that is), you are what you do every single day, each and every SINGLE one of you. Good luck living with that. THANKS!
  23. Question 1: At my 14th CONSECUTIVE sit & go loss just now, I had a wonderful instance: I lasted about 14 hands and played 10 of them, hence folded 4. 2 of the folded ones turned into (you WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT MY DEAR GOP) QUADS, and a STRAIGHT FLUSH. WOW! So, I was wondering, is the trolling of your customers at such an advanced level done also automatically, just like your regular daily auctions, or is this the manual work of a mastermind? My friend who knows a lot about programming claims that it can be easily achieved automatically. I don't doubt him, nevertheless I believe that you ras
  24. Ok, we all know by now that going allin with garbage consecutively, activates the gop trolling algorithm, giving the allin player the nuts thereafter, and CONCURRENTLY the other players reasonably good hands to fall for the trap, or consecutively trash hands, so that they really understand that the only way to "beat" the game (cause it's the game you're playing against, not other players) is to do exactly the same. To top it all, you then also enable the folded-hand-turns-into-nuts add-on, when the fish decides to not go allin with that 82 offsuit, after having lost about 83% of their stack, t
  25. 13 or 14 (obviously lost count) CONSECUTIVE sit & go losses at the same table in about 2 and a half hours, only reached last 2 in 3 or 4 of them with minimal stack, a couple of 0,00038% chance losses, and about 90% folded hands that would have won (as opposed to my overall 1/7 success rate), just today, in 2 and a half hours. OBVIOUSLY data available to all, should you dare (ahahahhahaha) publish the logs. You've outdone yourself with the trolling hand algorithm today gop, gotta give credit where it's due. My question is, do you participate in any global customer satisfaction competit