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  1. ongoing bug. today someone posted about this on the fb community group. it's the worst bug in the game, going on the longest, and yet one of the easiest for QA to reproduce, and should be a simple fix.
    As Beridok said 2.5 years ago...

    On 7/18/2018 at 3:49 AM, Beridok said:

    This is major bug. Exit button should be inactive at exact moment of 5th player joining.


  2. @Capt Rebel excellent points and great suggestion!  (about dropping "thanks" from quick response bar after winning a hand)

    Someone might say that "Thanks" is there as a reply option to when a player says "Well Played" to the winner. But troll-obnoxious-"Thanks" is sooooo over-used that it outnumbers gracious-"Thanks" by at least an order of magnitude, or something ; ) 
    Also, you'll get replies to this topic that go something like "then just mute them if people are being annoying!" ...but I don't like missing out on other kinds of information that the player might say (that can help in the poker decisions -- knowing if they're tilted or having an argument with someone or that reveals something about my or someone else's table image) so I just put up with it. Dropping it from the quick responses and forcing an extra click to say "thanks" would help separate the passive annoying people (who will be annoying only if it's convenient) from the intentionally super-obnoxious annoying people (who will be annoying regardless of how much effort it is).

    Anyway, very much obliged for bringing this to the fore.

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  3. feature request -- or maybe should be called "enhancement request of existing function":
        Ability to review the last hand at final elimination/placement screen

    In elimination games (sit n go; spin n play), when you're eliminated (and you see the resulting placement achieved), you should be able to see and review the last hand played (like you can at the table with the "[?}" to left of dealer). 

    Besides the educational benefit (giving the player an extra moment to process the outcome and what they could learn from it) it would be helpful for reporting issues related to the last hand if you could see the result (for more than a split second at least). This would allow for taking screenshots to pass along.

    For instance, there's a bug @Beridok pointed out in another thread where 2nd and 3rd place are swapped when final 3 players are all-in and both (2nd and 3rd) are eliminated, which I am fairly sure I hit a couple of times recently, but didn't get a screenshot to prove it in the 1/2 second the results flashed before the final placement message splashed over everything. 

    Thank you for considering this, and providing a forum for this kind of feedback. I enjoy the game in the format and aesthetic you all have done excellent work creating and supporting. 

  4. I'd love to convert things like tissues, tieras, and kissy-lips to chips (or other items).

    I'm not one to give certain kinds of items to people, so they'll just stockpile in my inventory -- which I know is just a bit on a server somewhere that increments. still. ; )

  5. ugh, this happened again just now at the summer table.

    The queue was live for a minute or so with 3 people (including myself), and then a good friend joined the queue (making it 4 queued up)... since I really don't like playing friends at sit n go if I can help it (especially the summer table where second place is still a net loser), I tried to immediately exit the queue (before a 5th player could join... ie. before the table could be formed). well, of course I hit the queue exit button (red corner "X") precisely when a 5th player added -- so I was charged the 5mil and received 5th place. 

    grrr!! <shakes raised fist in futility at sky>

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  6. Thanks for reporting that here @Sapphire

    I think it happens a lot more than gop3 realizes. It's way too onerous for most people to try to go through to prove ones case that this happened when it doesn't show up as an error in their system, and gop3 support just gives a boilerplate blow-off message.

    @Beridok summed up the bug perfectly succinctly when he said:

    On 7/18/2018 at 3:49 AM, Beridok said:

    Exit button should be inactive at exact moment of 5th player joining.

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  7. ... not that it matters, but the order is actually more like this -- with #2 and #3 above switched:

    1) table is formed

    2) charges the buy-in

    3) immediately exits you from the table with no prompt to confirm exit

    4) treats it as a last place finish (eg. throws a "5th place finish" message for sit 'n go)

  8. This bug has cost me soooo many millions of chips, and I got nowhere with in-game support. Let me try here...

    This applies to any poker tables where a specific number of players are needed to form a table, so they queue up in wait til the number is hit. so, essentially: sit n go & spin n play.

    When you are queued up at "waiting for players" screen... if, after waiting awhile, you decide to exit (clicking the "x" in the upper right corner) but you happen to do so at the *exact* moment that the last player joins to complete the table, then this happens:

    1) table is formed

    2) immediately exits you from the table with no prompt to confirm exit

    3) charges the buy-in

    4) treats it as a last place finish (eg. throws a "5th place finish" message for sit 'n go)

    If you have ever seen someone walk away from the table immediately after the table formed, you've probably just witnessed this bug happening to them.

    Basically, the game treats it just as if you are at the table and decided to leave. The difference though is that once you are at the table and actually click to leave (clicking the grey arrow in upper right of screen), the game at least checks to confirm that you truly want to abandon the table and forfeit your buy-in with a pop-up titled "Exit Saloon" with message: "Are you sure you want to leave? Your buy-in will be lost." -- at which point you would need to click "Leave Table" to actually exit. This bug is the lack of that prompt at exit when exit timing is unlucky.

    On the flip side, most of the time it'll work fine when you leave the queue during the queueing phase ("Waiting for players to join" screen) -- ie. you successfully click the red "x" in upper right corner before the table is formed, which exits you without charging a buy-in because, well... it's before the table is formed. 

    ... my experience trying to report this through in-game support:

    When I tried to report this in-game (through "contact us" in "settings"), I was told by support that once I click to join a table (clicking "Play now"), I am agreeing to the buy-in, and that if I exit during *any part* of the queuing process and I get charged, then it's a legitimate charge that I cannot get back... which cannot possibly be right! If that's true, then what they are saying is that once you agree to join the table you have to wait as long as the queue takes to form a table... no matter how long it takes! Forgive me if I don't want to sit there for a long time (3-5minutes or more is not uncommon) waiting indefinitely for a final player to join. Maybe I want to try other tables that have more activity and I don't have the time to wait indefinitely.

    It's poor UI design to have a prompting for a confirmation *only* in the event that you exit well after the table is formed! ... but charge the buy-in (and offer no confirmation prompt upon exit) when the user happens to click the corner "x" of the queuing screen at the *exact moment* the last player joins? 

    The result for me has been that when the table is one player away from forming, I don't dare ever exit at that point (lest I get charged the buy-in with no confirmation prompt). The problem is that I've waited over 5 minutes in queue (the $5mil spin n play is where I most often see long waits). It's unreasonable to expect that someone should have to wait for so long in queue without the option to properly exit for fear that they'll click the "x" at the exact wrong unlucky moment.


  9. @Beridok excellent point!

    ... in other news:

    Regarding the original leaderboard bug I reported...
    seems it might've been quietly fixed. I haven't seen it recur in awhile (2-3 weeks ago was last time I saw it).

    We could probably close the loop on this if no one else has noticed anything awry with leaderboard calculations lately. 

  10. @Beridok

    ...regarding the VIP+ badge not showing up (despite hitting the requisite chips): I just hit VIP level, and noticed that the VIP badge didn't reveal until I hit "claim" on the achievement.

    So, that's probably what's going on with that one. The rest though, I bet you're right about -- left over test accounts. Only other explanation would be if they spent $1000+ on chips without playing, which seems unlikely.  ; )

  11. yes, there are a lot of unpredictable outcomes where you can (assuming you eliminate variables by sticking to, say, one sitngo table) be up $10mil (or whatever) overall, but be negative some odd amount in the rankings. i only found the one way — described in earlier post (and with screenshots shared with gop3 in-app) — to clearly reproduce an obvious bug. so far, no reply at all from gop3. it’s quite demotivating to play, when winning overall results in negative values to ranking. 

    oh, and thanks @Beridok for the link to how to post images.

    i don’t want to create an imgur account just to help identify a bug that gop3 doesn’t seem to care about. they haven’t replied in app or on this thread so i don’t want to jump through an extra hoop just to help them QA their game. i figure if they really want the images, they can see them in my in-app through the ‘contact us’ “conversation” (which i put in quotes because they have yet to reply). 

    ...or, if gop3 support would just let me know that it would be helpful to have the images in the forum, I'll get them uploaded. I just don't want to waste time doing something no one cares about. 

    Even a: "thank you. we're aware of the issue and looking into it." would be nice.

    And, I know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I'm just less interested in this game when the scoring system is broken.


  12. Hmm, I don't see how to add an attachment in a straight-forward manner; just via URL. Am I supposed to serve up the image on my own webserver just so I can provide a URL? It seems strange. Surely, there must be way to upload images directly. Clearly, I'm a newbie at these forum posts. If you want screen captures, let me know the bast way to provide them. I just reproduced the issue again, with two more losses, and the same thing occurred.

    I was at $0 on the leaderboard ranking for Crown Sit'NGo
    I played and lost
    I was still at $0
    I played and lost
    My new total in leaderboard became -$5mil

    ...So, two losses in a row cost -$2.5mil each to the ranking total.
    Surely that's a bug, right?

  13. Losses sometimes count for -$2.5mil in Vegas Sit'NGo Leaderboard rankings? 

    I'm not sure how widespread this is, but for me (on an iPad Pro), losses in Crown (Vegas) Sit N Go (and maybe others, but that's the only one I've tested) register as -$2.5mil -- when it should be -$1mil.

    It's hard to reproduce several recent issues I've seen of unpredictable math in the leaderboard rankings, but one scenario that I can consistently reproduce is: two losses in a row consistently hits me for -$5mil on the second loss.

    To be clear, the pattern I see is that the first loss doesn't register any negative value to the standings total, but the *second* one causes both losses to hit at 2.5x what a loss should count for. By the way, "loss" here means 3rd place or worse in Sit'NGo.

    If you break up the losses, I have still seen losses sort of "catch up" in strange ways at a higher penalty than they should, but it's hard to establish the exact pattern. 

    I'll try to attach the screenshots I have of before I signed on to Crown Sit'NGo -- where I have a balance of $5mil: I had just lost, and no change occurred to the total -- but the loss is still queued somewhere, though ready to stack on the second. Then I have a second screenshot just a few minutes later after I lost ( on purpose ; ) where it shows $0 balance. ie. where $5mil - $5mil (-2.5 x2) = $0  (af

    I have another 'before and after', from $6mil to $1mil, where the $1mil registers as my total after a second loss in row. I'll try to figure out how to upload image attachments.
    = 1


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