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  1. Same to me and many other players. Maintenance ? always during a challenge they have problems. This App Is going worse and worse
  2. Wanted to open my 8 chests. After the 6th chests i got an error 412 and could not open number 7 and 8 I had more than 10 k points no Piggy. No Ultra !!!! GoP. Please solve this problem and give me my rewards!!
  3. Same to my team. First mate left. The rewards are a Bad joke. GoP Makes no sense anymore
  4. Oh. Dear GoP i am sorry. I Could not imagine that you are sooooooo busy. Take all the time you need to solve my little problem. It doesn‘t matter whether you need one year or ten.
  5. Meanwhile i heared that this problem only exists on iphones. Can someone confirm to have the same problem ? Unfortunately GoP3 gives no response. Poor service :((
  6. When i try to open the team service i will be kicked out of the game and i have to log in again. Why does GoP3 have permanent problems??
  7. It Is Working. I dont know why. They will not tell us
  8. Same to me. In the morning it worked and suddenly crashed. Black Screen. I am using an IPhone. Please dont me to solve the problem with the notice how to do it with an android mobile. This Is a problem of GoP!!!!!!
  9. Very poor performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The same happened to me. I am really upset!!