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  1. I noticed that GOP3 has made it more difficult to go on fire at the tables, but has kept the points that same. It is so hard to go on fire now, you guys should make a goal to get a straight flush. Also, that lower amount of chips in the one on one does not help the problem. I thought that it was too quick of a game at the table. What you are doing is making it more of a bingo player game and there were already too many bingo players.
  2. I logged into my account and @70 million and the missing hyper spin, ruby ticket, diamond ticket were in my inventory.. Your programmers are wonderful! Thanks to them for their hard work.
  3. I just tried spinning out my two ruby tickets. I won 12.5 Million and 50 Million and my cash total did not increase. What is going on?
  4. I spun out my Golden ticket spin tokens and I received none of the items that it said I had won. What is up with that? I had 10 golden tokens and the most notable wins were a ruby ticket, a blue diamond ticket, a golden ticket, and a hyper spin, and millions in cash. I talked to my son and he won a key into the balloon table and was not awarded the prize, so this problem is systemic. He is waiting for the bug to get fixed before spinning out the rest of his tokens.
  5. I depend upon the exclamation marks to let me know if I acheived some mission goal or daily challenge. Without those reminders I couldn't efficiently finish the challenges and move on to the next challenge to complete.
  6. Right now, I do not find it a problem to get the 600 point chest. You just have to play all of the different games from spinning slot to black jack to Headsup Challenge to Spin and Play to saying howdy to gifting my friends at the tables to gifting my poker buddies each day. If I need an extra 10 point on a specific day, I just spin a mega spin. Now watch. I guess that they will make it harder and I will have to relearn what works... As it stands, the bottom of the all-time leader board goes up everyday. I am @3billion chips above that and no matter how I manage to increase my t
  7. Is there any hope for a coupon code to show up here? Maybe we would get more traffic here.
  8. Thanks to Salvo Gop. I tried the single player mode and found it how I like my blackjack. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  9. What is going on with the Chrystal Palace mission? The mission is listed for the Strip, but Chrystal Palace is in the Vegas Area. This is crazy, when I am good at playing Crystal Palace. I could finish this mission. Why are you guys torturing me with impossible to complete missions?
  10. Does anyone follow up with the REPORT complaints that are sent from the tables by the players? It seems to me that when I report people, they are gone after a while, but I would like to know what happens when I click on REPORT. What I have been doing of late, is just using MUTE Chat feature, then I do not have to read the insults and slurs coming from these people, but it does not help anyone else that become the victims of these people. Lately, what has happened is that once I mute these people and do not engage they leave the table. This is WONDERFUL when I am playing one on one or they
  11. Yes, I know what a bad beat is. I have not seen the message saying "bad beat" at the tables that I play at. I do notice and people have complained that the hand that you lose to at the end of each round is no longer being labeled at the end of the hand. I personally like that, because it makes it harder for people to learn how to play the game at the tables I play, since the game is more like Pai Gow than Poker. I earn about 20 million a day at the tables I play.
  12. I still like your idea for a turd or poop as bling.
  13. Just wanted to thank the GOP3 programing team. They repaired the problem. My friends are now showing with chips and I happen to be chip leader for all of my friends. Thank you GOP3 programming team.
  14. I am not sure where to post this problem. When I go to the Weekly Leaderboards, the SHOW FRIENDS ONLY check box is not working. When they moved the table order around, they broke it. All of my friends are listed with 0 chips.