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  1. I want to complement the GOP3 team for picking 3 charities to donate money to from the sale of heart pins. The choices of UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and Red Cross were all great choices. I gave money, but found the resulting discussions very difficult to read. That GOP3 found a path and settled on 3 not just one was excellent. Reading the discussion, I was thinking, this is going to turn out bad. Excellent Job! Thank you for not just decided to halve the money, but into 3 was wonderful.
  2. Where can I see the GOP3 FAQs? Specifically, I would like to learn more about the Loyalty Spin. There are no links that I can see from the announcements.
  3. I agree about the poop emoji. Patrick Stewart has made it popular. Some may think it to be softserve chocolate ice cream. Have both chocolate and vanilla. What I send to the jerks at the tables are kisses. They are such jerks, that they know why I am sending them to these jerky people.
  4. Yes, I had the same problem. I rebooted several times and the problem remained. I e-mailed GOP support, but had not heard from them. Also other team mates said they were having the same problem. The problem seems to be fixed now. Thanks for posting this.
  5. Thank you for explaining. Thank you also for returning the forum to the community forum server.
  6. What is The Stamp Card and how do you access it?
  7. I have been playing in the Royal Poker Balloon Event. Are you seeing those hands there? I just ran a table with 2 AAAKK full houses, a straight, a Royal Flush and 4 Qs. I see at least one Royal Flush, if not two during one of the Balloon events. The minimum hand that winds 99% of the time at Royal Poker is a straight and if there is a straight on the board, everyone wins. You get your chips back, but there are only 6 team points in Vegas. I still hate the lack of team points in the Vegas Royal Poker table. All I can win there is chips. Since you guys changed the points system, I
  8. Thank you so much! I am now at level 211!!! Thank you for being responsive;^) This is wonderful. (I still like my idea of resetting to 0 and giving us a ring each time we reach the max level. More levels is just as good.)
  9. It has been 3 weeks and the new Royal Poker makes it impossible to make team points at that table. No matter how much you bet, if you tie a hand, you only get 6 points. That would be fine, except that there are hands where I tie the winning hand and I win a large number of chips because other people have dropped out of the betting or they lose the hand with two of us winning and we get 6 points each. I would give up playing Royal Poker, but I end up winning tens of millions of chips a day at that table, but not earning many points. I have now reached diamond level for about the third week
  10. I do like the idea of a turd as a gift. After Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) played the poop emoji in one of the popular movies, it would seem that it would be socially acceptable.
  11. Thank you! It seems like there are more adolescent players at the tables. I personally have to mute about 20% of the players whenever I play against shark or lower level players. Overall, I still enjoy playing GOP3.
  12. I tried to purchase the $44.99 level of GOP Club Membership and going through Steam, Steam will not let me. I click on the button and the button in GOP just spins and spins and spins, then changes to the green USD 44.99 button. About 1 out of 3 tries on clicking the button, I get the message : "Are you sure? If you completed payment for this membership, please reboot the game or wait 24 hours to process before trying again." I click on continue and the button once again spins and spins and changes to the green USD 44.99 button. What is maddening is that this happens with every choice of b
  13. Well, my son did a study of the players in the game. The team that we are on, before the change, there were 4 to 10 people on the team that made Emerald. This last round, there were only 2 players that made emerald out of 50. He counted the number of poker buddies that made emerald before the point change and he counted 14 players. After the change, he said that he counted 22 players that made it to emerald!!! We both are poker buddies with mostly VIP players. He asked them what they thought of the new point system and they invariably played at the straight poker tables, not the Royal
  14. I have a poker buddy who is a VIP player with over 5 billion chips. She is getting sexually harrassed at the tables. She says that she has reported the incidences, yet it happens over an over with the same people. How often do you guys follow up on these reports from the tables? I know that I have complained here and it seems to me that whenever I complain, the offending people or their offending avatar pictures or behavior at the tables, stops. I apologized to her, because of the way that inventory mechanics are, I accidently click on the sex toggle and my sex changes from male to f