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  1. It seems that the web browser that I use has nothing to do with the pay wall. I am accessing GOP3 using STEAM. When I boot up the GOP3 program on my Windows 7 machine, STEAM says that it is updating and takes about 10 minutes. I then am let into a log on screen. Once I put in my username and password, GOP3 starts. The offers start appearing in the middle of the screen. When I click on the button of what I want, which is beside the No Thanks button or area, I am taken into the Steam Transaction window. I click on the Add Funds button, then am taken into another Add Funds screen. I click
  2. I am having problems with the pay wall installed with Valve - STEAM. It has nothing to do with the Governor of Poker site or server, but when I log in to place money to Valve, the browser just spins and spins and spins. So, because of this problem, I am unable to spend money on GOP3. I am using Firefox, latest updated version. I will try Chrome to see if I get better response with that.
  3. The change in winning 10 million at the sit and go tables and the spin and go tables from winning 5 games made GOP3 more challenging and I no longer could complete the daily quests for a gold spin. After losing 10 million trying to do this feat and only successfully doing it one out of three days, I gave up trying to earn 10 million chips at those tables. THANK YOU for including the team challenges in the daily quests. I was able to once again complete the daily quests for the gold spin. ALSO -- the daily challenge to make points for the team makes it so that I have to play harder all 7 da
  4. I thought I would write an e-mail of thanks before logging in today. I am eager to see if there are any major changes that were implemented in the site maintenance during the wee hours of the morning. Thank you for all that you guys do to keep GOP3 interesting.
  5. I posted elsewhere in the forums, there are old looking dogs that wrap around the hats that look like they are licking their butts when the wearer wins a hand. I just find that gross. There is another dog that keeps scratching himself and it make me itchy just watching him. I even comment and say, "Stop the scratching, it is driving me crazy!"
  6. The pool hats make up for the dog hats. I still hate those hats.
  7. The new summer "pool" hats are cool! I really want to win one of the "piggy" on its back hats. These are great. The only hat that I wanted more was a "cat" hat. Your animation of the hats is great. I really like them. Keep up the good, creative work!
  8. Salvo GOP, thanks for the reply about hearts. There were other people on my team that were asking this question about the hearts, so we all appreciate the reply. Thanks again for everything. We are all enjoying GOP3.
  9. The default, pre-made chat replies at the poker tables are pretty good and I use them all except: "$#*@!!" "Are you serious?" "Scared?" What I miss is the "Getting bad card" If you could bring that back, or hand "Not worth playing" it would be good. I get tired of not having a pre-made reply to these people that go all in every hand and then laugh at me when I fold. The "Hahaha" is redundant, because there is the laughing smiley face.
  10. Is there any future plans for there to be something that the hearts can be redeemed for? I have about 5200 hearts that I have earned from being gifted gifts at the table.
  11. Your posts at the opening screen as you log into the game really motivated the members of my team. They all got a spurt of energy from them and started playing again. Only 8 of our players on our team are still inactive and none of those 8 saw your message promising more chips in the Ruby chests. Thank you for being responsive and reaching out to the players that way. I looked at the leader board and the chip leaders are now moving upward once more, not downward. So, your changes must be rewarding these great players. Thanks again for your efforts at making this game fun. It m
  12. I am seeing more and more people losing chips from their stockpiles and more and more of my poker buddies are no longer playing. Some have taken off for 6 to 8 weeks. What I am considering is quitting my team for a while. This is no longer fun. I use to enjoy playing and chatting with the people at the tables. There is no conversation other than the pre-made replies, that I can see and people are more obnoxious and going all in as they try to get more points at the tables. When they win, they laugh at me for losing the hand. The people on my team are no longer playing at the level
  13. SAYASU -- Thank you so much for telling me where to find the Ultra Spin. I told several of my team mates and they had no idea!!! We all thought that there was no Ultra Spin! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
  14. I have just completed the second 7 day team challenge. I finally spun out the silver gold, diamond and ruby tickets. Wow, I did not know that the diamond and ruby tickets gave such great prizes!!! I lost about 70 million chips, but had a piggy token and some good luck, so ended up 4 million at a loss. Once I opened up all of the chests and spun out the tickets, I ended up 150 million ahead. Amazing. The poker buddies that replied are split between liking and not liking the new challenge. About 30 of my poker buddies have gone dark -- not playing any more. So, we are losing players
  15. Okay, I have completed the team challenge. I earned the ruby chest on the afternoon of the 6th day. I feel the game has tightened up, because I see top players loosing more chips. The very top player looks to have lost about 30 billion chips, but is working his way back up. So, the ruby level is attainable. I think I am a better than average player, but there are a lot of very good players out there at the tables that are better than me. I am up about 13 million chips from last week. I received about 10 million chips from opening the chests. I usually get about 50 million from the
  16. I have been asking people at the tables, what they think of this change. The people that will talk to me that either say that they THINK they like this change or that they do not know. I personally do not know. I have to play within the new system to gain an opinion. I do not know if I am not going to get an ultraspin or not, each week. I can earn 15,000 pts a week in 4.5 days. I am thinking that I can earn 21,000 points in 7 days. That means, the Ruby Chest is outside of my reach. Then again, the Sapphire Chest was outside of my reach, until I stepped up my game. I have reached the
  17. LOL -- there was no ultra spin for this 2019 Spring Calendar. There is for the 5th Anniversary Calendar.
  18. Thank you for bringing back the Ultraspin prize for logging in. Also, thank you for the 4 days lee way, though I plan to log in every day. I love playing Governor of Poker. Thanks again
  19. This last spring calendar event was very disappointing. I received bronze tickets almost daily. The message on the calendar screen was collect more chests daily to grow your reward. Well, I received another bronze chest on the last day of the calendar event. I did not miss a single day. So, what is "grow your reward" all about?
  20. Reading your post, I do not understand why you are here. I learned how to play poker by watching people play at the bay area poker rooms in the 1970s. One of the players there was TJ Cloutier whose name appears on one of the PC poker programs.
  21. I own movies six of the movies on DVD: 1,2,3,6,9,10. I have seen six of the movies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I have started 9 and 10 many times, but cannot get through the beginning of the movies. Something about the movies just does not capture my interest - boring? Poker/21 Movies that I own on DVD and have seen are Molly's Game, High Roller: The Stu Unger Story, The Gambler (2014), and Shade (2003). I think that Molly's Game should be in the top 10 list. It has a screen play written by Aaron Sorkin and stars Jessica Chastain. I have not seen a movie with either of those two names that
  22. It would be nice to be able just to watch the players with 15 to 17 Billion play poker. I thought that would be instructive, until I started seeing that one of the players in the top 3 is on a team with 39 players with less than 2 million chips. And, this team has ranked in the team standing 1 through 5th place a number of times. Something is going on... I can see where people would not like other people to see what they are doing to place high in the team standings, if they are manipulating the game to get these trophies. What is good is that I can befriend these people, if they acc
  23. I think that more thought should go into the mechanics of the animation of the hats. One of the new hats, when the owner wins, it looks like the dog is trying to lick its butt. Also the bird hats, I have observed birds for decades. When the hat owner wins, it looks like the bird is enjoying an orgasm as it completes mating. Although, this might be what the animator wanted, because for some it is an orgasmic experience to win. But these new dog hats are gross. I am waiting to be able to purchase a cat hat.
  24. Okay guys, the best thing to do is to take a picture of the screen and post it hear that shows the inconsistency. When in doubt, snap a picture. That is what I do when trouble happens at the table. Make sure to take a picture after hitting the icon that shows the last hand card result. That is plenty of time to do that, because you can do it up to when the next hand completes. Matter of fact, post the picture here for this problem. Good Luck!
  25. When I am in a team competition for chests, I do not care about money. I am trying to get 10,000 points for myself and add to the total to get to the 8th chest for the team. So, I will go all in to get the maximum 87 points. I drop about 10 million in these team chest competitions. I only get it back if I get an UltraSpin with a Diamond 8th chest. I average 30 million chips from an Ultraspin, so I am up 20 million. For you guys that are not on a team, that is your choice to play at the table during a team challenge. Just understand what is going on and why players like me will invariabl