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  1. I just looked up Youdagames at Wikipedia. Can someone "SAVE" the listing from being deleted? It is slated for deletion, because it is out of date. If someone can send me the details, like what platforms GOP 3 are played upon, I would update that listing myself. GOP3 is not listed and needs to be listed. Thanks again for all that you guys do for us socialble poker players.
  2. I like the random pin bug. If it is not fixed, I do not mind at all. I look forward to seeing what pin is added to my hat! Thank you for all that your are doing with GOP3 during the covid19 crisis. I love the game and I love the community.
  3. What are the prizes in the Emerald Chest Challenge? Do we collect a Ruby chest? Or is it just an emerald chest, instead of the Ruby? I apologize. I have short term memory loss. I know that I won an emerald chest last time. I just cannot remember.
  4. Again, many thanks to your programmers. The problem was repaired and I received all of my points back. Great Job! Happy New Year!
  5. LOL -- there was another bug, which was repaired. On Wednesday, the points from Monday and Tuesday disappeared!!! I thought maybe this was done on purpose to get the weekly daily quests syncned up with the team challenge. I logged on Thursday and the points were added back into my totals and I was able to collect the 300 point chest. Thank you for repairing this and allowing me to collect the 3 day chest. I have not noticed the gliche from Tuesday evening repeating, so that must have been repaired also. Thank you for keeping everything running as smooth as you can. My friends and I cont
  6. I have completed the sit and go and the flush missions for the 3rd time. I am posting the screens which just spin and spin instead of awarding the 3 and 5 points.
  7. I have loaded the spinning screen. The above image is the broken bottom of the window,
  8. I am having problems. I an trying to complete the daily missions, but I cannot collect the last chest. The spinner keeps spinning and will not give me the last chest. I tried quitting the game, rloading and winning again, but the same thing happens.
  9. Xmas has been a boon to all of the players of this game. There are definitely more chips out there and the chip leaders have grown their stacks by at least up to 50 to 100 billion. Not that I am complaining. This means that as the chip leaders shed chips as they inevitably will, the chips should trickle down to us grinder players, like mana from heaven! It is exciting to see so many chips at the table. It is like Las Vegas, you play at the tables, there are players that come in and wins over a million dollars and then they fade away in the night, never to be seen again. I like to think
  10. I am just curious. Can anyone tell me what happened to the poker team Killer Bee's? There is a note on the team that says "cheater team, please delete." There was another team that I am told was made up of second accounts for the same people called "Stinger Bee's." Are there teams that have been identified as having "cheaters" and deleted from the game? I see the message that sharing card information in the team and friend message boards will lead to banning from the game. Is that what was going on with these teams and have all of these thirty five or so players been banned?
  11. You guys are wonderful. The latest update fixed all of the gliches I was seeing using Windows 7. And, I just wrote about these problems yesterday. I did not read what the latest updates were and now I regret not doing so. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The game GOP3 is working most wonderfully now. Your update programming crew is The Greatest!!!
  12. I am using Windows 7. I am having gliches that are appearing, which do not appear in Windows 10 while paying GOP3. You probably are correct about Windows 7. I had a problem with the paywall, but that problem was occurring in both Windoows 7 and Windows 10. I believe that Windows 7 is no longer being supported by Microsoft.
  13. Greetings Admin -- This worked!!! Thank you so much for your suggestion.
  14. It seems that the web browser that I use has nothing to do with the pay wall. I am accessing GOP3 using STEAM. When I boot up the GOP3 program on my Windows 7 machine, STEAM says that it is updating and takes about 10 minutes. I then am let into a log on screen. Once I put in my username and password, GOP3 starts. The offers start appearing in the middle of the screen. When I click on the button of what I want, which is beside the No Thanks button or area, I am taken into the Steam Transaction window. I click on the Add Funds button, then am taken into another Add Funds screen. I click
  15. I am having problems with the pay wall installed with Valve - STEAM. It has nothing to do with the Governor of Poker site or server, but when I log in to place money to Valve, the browser just spins and spins and spins. So, because of this problem, I am unable to spend money on GOP3. I am using Firefox, latest updated version. I will try Chrome to see if I get better response with that.
  16. The change in winning 10 million at the sit and go tables and the spin and go tables from winning 5 games made GOP3 more challenging and I no longer could complete the daily quests for a gold spin. After losing 10 million trying to do this feat and only successfully doing it one out of three days, I gave up trying to earn 10 million chips at those tables. THANK YOU for including the team challenges in the daily quests. I was able to once again complete the daily quests for the gold spin. ALSO -- the daily challenge to make points for the team makes it so that I have to play harder all 7 da
  17. I thought I would write an e-mail of thanks before logging in today. I am eager to see if there are any major changes that were implemented in the site maintenance during the wee hours of the morning. Thank you for all that you guys do to keep GOP3 interesting.
  18. I posted elsewhere in the forums, there are old looking dogs that wrap around the hats that look like they are licking their butts when the wearer wins a hand. I just find that gross. There is another dog that keeps scratching himself and it make me itchy just watching him. I even comment and say, "Stop the scratching, it is driving me crazy!"
  19. The pool hats make up for the dog hats. I still hate those hats.
  20. The new summer "pool" hats are cool! I really want to win one of the "piggy" on its back hats. These are great. The only hat that I wanted more was a "cat" hat. Your animation of the hats is great. I really like them. Keep up the good, creative work!
  21. Salvo GOP, thanks for the reply about hearts. There were other people on my team that were asking this question about the hearts, so we all appreciate the reply. Thanks again for everything. We are all enjoying GOP3.
  22. The default, pre-made chat replies at the poker tables are pretty good and I use them all except: "$#*@!!" "Are you serious?" "Scared?" What I miss is the "Getting bad card" If you could bring that back, or hand "Not worth playing" it would be good. I get tired of not having a pre-made reply to these people that go all in every hand and then laugh at me when I fold. The "Hahaha" is redundant, because there is the laughing smiley face.
  23. Is there any future plans for there to be something that the hearts can be redeemed for? I have about 5200 hearts that I have earned from being gifted gifts at the table.
  24. Your posts at the opening screen as you log into the game really motivated the members of my team. They all got a spurt of energy from them and started playing again. Only 8 of our players on our team are still inactive and none of those 8 saw your message promising more chips in the Ruby chests. Thank you for being responsive and reaching out to the players that way. I looked at the leader board and the chip leaders are now moving upward once more, not downward. So, your changes must be rewarding these great players. Thanks again for your efforts at making this game fun. It m
  25. I am seeing more and more people losing chips from their stockpiles and more and more of my poker buddies are no longer playing. Some have taken off for 6 to 8 weeks. What I am considering is quitting my team for a while. This is no longer fun. I use to enjoy playing and chatting with the people at the tables. There is no conversation other than the pre-made replies, that I can see and people are more obnoxious and going all in as they try to get more points at the tables. When they win, they laugh at me for losing the hand. The people on my team are no longer playing at the level