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  1. I played the "Play 40 games" calendar day today.  I ended up with a "Silver Ticket" at its completion.  It was more grueling trying to win 20 hands while trying to get team points, than playing 40 games not during a team competition.  The other calendar challenges seemed to reward you with larger prizes if you had to win large number of games, rather than just play so many games.

  2. i hope I am posting to the right place.  I was wondering if you could add a feature where you could tell you the opponents IP address when you look at their profile.  The reason I ask for this is that I have been playing the Royal Poker Table in Vegas.  There were two players at the table, one was named "Something" Sam and the other Sam.  They were raising the pots each hand.  One of them would drop out after betting up the pot, but it caused me to call to stay in when I had a good hand.  Then I started looking at them.  They both had the same hat and bling and they both had about the same level, started their accounts within days of each other and they were both from Norway.  I than said "I smell a rat."  No Response.  I then said, "Someone is playing two accounts."  No response.  They continued to bet up the pots with only one of them playing to the end.  I just left the room at that point.  I would guess people who this would figure out how to use proxy servers, but it would make it a little more tiresome to do this type of cheating.  This guy did not seem to mind being suspect anyway.  It would make it more apparent when people do this to us players that suspect something is up.

  3. Can someone tell me why when I completed the 2nd day calendar challenge, I and others only received a bronze ticket?  This seems to be a slap in the face.  I had to win 20 poker games to see the prize, a bronze ticket that gave me 15,000 dollars.

  4. I hope the new daily and weekly quests do not mean that the calendar daily challenges will go away.  I really like these since you guys did the World Cup Calendar.  My Team is FC Bayern and that calendar made all the difference for members of my team.

  5. The added feature of gifting everyone at once and accepting gifts from everyone at once, really helped in getting people to give.  It made it much faster for me to give.  Now, I spend more time making spread sheets to figure out who is active by tracking money and hearts for players.  This game gets easier and easier to use.  The only thing is that the tables get harder and harder to win hands as the players get better.  Royal Poker, the players did not know what they were doing, so I was able to win points.  Now, I get cleaned out one out of 4 times I go all in.  Thank you for making this a great place to play against challenging opponents.  Also, the team challenge is great, because it makes people work together.

    Thank you for providing this site and for the continued work on it to make it interesting to log on each day.


  6. I recently sent individual messages of Christmas Greetings and Happy New Year to all 198 of my poker buddies.  Is there someway to streamline this?  It took me close to a half hour to do this, and what I was doing was pasting the text into the message area.  I did customize some of the message, because some of the people I am very friendly with and have text with them.  For those people, I could post the general message and follow up with customized comments.  I just want to know if there is an easier way and if not, can this become a feature of the buddy chat system.  Of course there should be restrictions like people spamming ads to their buddies.  This would be self limiting, because I would unfriend anyone that did that to me.

    The team message board worked great for sending these season greetings and increased morale for our team.  Happy New Year 2019!

  7. On 12/7/2018 at 9:15 PM, AChain said:

    That sounded like an issue that could be fixed by some moderation in the new messagng system. Or do you mean in your poker team? If so why doesnt your offciers or Leader simply kick them from the team.

    The problem was self-limiting.  The people could not survive without the handouts, were not willing to spend cash on chips and have stopped playing.  Since they are off of my team and I unfriended them, I have no idea if they restarted playing.

    I am curious.  What kind of moderation can be done in the new messaging system.  I get messages while playing at the tables and could see where this could be a distraction.  In the case above, the people were using both private and team message boards to beg for chips. 

    I really enjoy GOP3.  I log in every single day of the week, month and year.  I like the friendliness of the environment.  My team sent Merry Xmas and Happy New Year messages in all of the languages of the players on our team.  I have poker buddies that remain active and friendly for close to 3 years.  I hope that this all continues.

  8. I like the ability to play in Private Rooms -- BUT what happened to our team is that two players on our team used the private rooms to collect money from other players.  This was okay at first, but then they became pests and started spamming requests for money to all of team in a few minutes.  I received 35 requests for money within a few minutes through the game messages area.  We lost several team members because of this.  One of them lost all of his money, 1.3 Billion chips on purpose in 3 hours, because he got so disgusted by the spammed requests interrupting his play.  The begger carried his requests and harrassment from private messages into the Team Chat area.  The big money winning player has not been on since this happened and indicated that he would be back when he felt better about playing Governor of Poker in probably a few months.  He was one of our better players and the team really misses him.  The two begging players on our team begging money have not been back on since the private rooms have been closed -- AND WE DO NOT MISS THEM!!!  If private rooms cause this type of behavior, we should not have them.

  9. Have you looked at the game play of the top leader board people?  I am friends with some of them and one of them is on my team.  They are playing multiple tables.  They are awesome.  One of them on my team is playing up to 4 tables at the same time and winning and three of them are different types of tables.  I am in awe.  I wish I could do that, but two tables of the same type is my limit.  If they are of different types, I get confused and lose badly.  So, I do not think that they are cheating.  Also, another one of them is a friend who had 1.5 billion in chips.  She had a bad string of losses at the Train within a 3 day period and lost all but a couple of million.  I have another person on my team and he was listed as having 1.2 billion in chips.  He lost 1.2 billion and only has a couple of hundred thousand.  He lost it within a 3 hour period.  Talk to them, if you happen to see them at the tables.  People are friendly.  I do not think that they are cheating.

  10. Greetings.  The bottom banner that pops up once the hand ends or you fold is now randomly appearing.  It pops up in the middle of the game and I am still in the game.  I cannot see the option below them.  It is not just happening to me.  There are other players that this is happening to.  I tried hitting esc key and it ejects me from the table.  I tried to click on the words and they appear and the banner with word choices do not clear.  I also tried clicking all over the screen and the poker table to no avail.  I can click on all the choices and they show up on the screen and I cannot call or place my bet.  I should try to take a picture of the screen and post it.  This is extremely annoying and some people are telling me that they are not playing any more because of it.  There are some people that think that opponents at the table are causing the comments to pop-up to sabotage their play.  I hope that this is not the case.  Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

  11. I have been seeing more and more inappropriate photos for player photos.  One is a picture of a topless woman laughing at a nude male, though you can only see his thigh.  Another that gets me upset is a guy that looks like Lee Ermey shouting and flipping the bird at the camera.  Another is two nude guys separated by a rubber dildo.  Another is a guy that appears nude from his crouch up with what looks like his junk (male sex organ) hanging out for all to admire. 

    I have to admit that I am friends with the topless woman...  The only photo that really, really gets me upset is the Lee Ermey photo, because the guy has been disagreeable jerk in the past.  I have reported him for foul language and harrassment and he seems to be behaving better. 

    If other people find these photos offensive, there should be a way to report them.  I see report Nickname, report SPAM, report Foul Language, report Harrassment, but no report offensive photo.

  12. What would help is if there was the photo that people are using to help identify them.  I have two "Dave" friends and two "Einhoezen" friends and a couple of pairs of friends with the same name and I have no idea which one is talking to me or giving me chips.  A picture would help.

    I enjoy this game and hope it continues to thrive.

  13. What I would like is a way to see when a "friend" has last logged in.  What would be ideal is a feature like in the team section where it says when they last logged on.  I have friends that I do not know if they have stopped playing.  Their profile has not changed in 10 months or more.  I have been giving them 100 chips per day.  If they are on my team, I can see there if they are inactive and can unfriend them or just not give them the 100 chips. 

    What helps is the "hearts" profile features from the "gifts" at the table.  If they have no hearts inventoried in their profile at this time, I assume that they are inactive and I have been unfriending them.  If you add features like this, it can help people to tell if their "friends" are inactive.

    Thanks for implementing this section.

  14. I do not understand why they are doing this.  This is a drastic change from the other calendar events.  Before, this was fun.  Now, they are turning it into work.  I agree with you completely.  With these requirements, I am not going to sweat it if I do not get the ultraspin, especially if I do not complete one of the quests, like win 25 games.

    A friend and I played a private room match at the poker salon, betting millions of dollars.  What we found out is that there is a 14% rake per hand.  After more than 25 large hands won and lost, I had won 5 million and he had lost 8 million.  The way I see it, there is no reason for these high requirements for the calendar events.  There has to be people buying chips to play this game.

    I really enjoyed the World Cup Calendar event.  I am a soccer fan and play on a soccer fan poker team, FC Bayern, the greatest soccer team in the world.  That was a fun event.  This summer calendar is not fun.  I guess we will see how it fares with the GOP3 players.

  15. This happened to my son last week.  He was contributing the minimum amount of points and the leader raised the limits and kicked him off before the round for the chests even ended.  I really did not like this.  The chest challenge had not even ended and they kicked him.  The reason I know about all of this, is that the team was wooing me to join them.  After this, I severed all contact and unfriended all of the people that I was friends with on the team.  To make matters worse, this new team was formed from people that did not like it that our team was winning only 4 chests and they took all of the better players with them. 

    I think that it is unfair that someone can be kicked off a team before the chest challenge round has ended.  It is even more unfair that my son could not join my team to play for chests -- the game said that he had already contributed to another team.  He has not played Governor of Poker since and is pretty upset about all of this.  I hope he comes back and plays.

  16. I hope that the blackjack does not get nerfed again in the challenges.  To win the fourth chest for our team before the latest deadline, teammates resorted to playing blackjack to get 400 points in the final 2 hours, and some of our chip poor team mates had to resort to paying real money for chips, which is probably what you want, but this gets old real fast...  My own chips dropped about 100,000. 

    My friends and I liked the recent 30 days of gift chests and that got us to log on every day.  Thank you for that.  Keep up the good work.