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  1. I have been seeing more and more inappropriate photos for player photos. One is a picture of a topless woman laughing at a nude male, though you can only see his thigh. Another that gets me upset is a guy that looks like Lee Ermey shouting and flipping the bird at the camera. Another is two nude guys separated by a rubber dildo. Another is a guy that appears nude from his crouch up with what looks like his junk (male sex organ) hanging out for all to admire. I have to admit that I am friends with the topless woman... The only photo that really, really gets me upset is the Lee Ermey
  2. What would help is if there was the photo that people are using to help identify them. I have two "Dave" friends and two "Einhoezen" friends and a couple of pairs of friends with the same name and I have no idea which one is talking to me or giving me chips. A picture would help. I enjoy this game and hope it continues to thrive.
  3. What I would like is a way to see when a "friend" has last logged in. What would be ideal is a feature like in the team section where it says when they last logged on. I have friends that I do not know if they have stopped playing. Their profile has not changed in 10 months or more. I have been giving them 100 chips per day. If they are on my team, I can see there if they are inactive and can unfriend them or just not give them the 100 chips. What helps is the "hearts" profile features from the "gifts" at the table. If they have no hearts inventoried in their profile at this time,
  4. I do not understand why they are doing this. This is a drastic change from the other calendar events. Before, this was fun. Now, they are turning it into work. I agree with you completely. With these requirements, I am not going to sweat it if I do not get the ultraspin, especially if I do not complete one of the quests, like win 25 games. A friend and I played a private room match at the poker salon, betting millions of dollars. What we found out is that there is a 14% rake per hand. After more than 25 large hands won and lost, I had won 5 million and he had lost 8 million. The w
  5. I agree with you. Thanks for writing this.
  6. This happened to my son last week. He was contributing the minimum amount of points and the leader raised the limits and kicked him off before the round for the chests even ended. I really did not like this. The chest challenge had not even ended and they kicked him. The reason I know about all of this, is that the team was wooing me to join them. After this, I severed all contact and unfriended all of the people that I was friends with on the team. To make matters worse, this new team was formed from people that did not like it that our team was winning only 4 chests and they took all o
  7. I play on the FC Bayern team. This World Cup event was very special for the team. Thank you for doing this.
  8. I hope that the blackjack does not get nerfed again in the challenges. To win the fourth chest for our team before the latest deadline, teammates resorted to playing blackjack to get 400 points in the final 2 hours, and some of our chip poor team mates had to resort to paying real money for chips, which is probably what you want, but this gets old real fast... My own chips dropped about 100,000. My friends and I liked the recent 30 days of gift chests and that got us to log on every day. Thank you for that. Keep up the good work.