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  1. I wish a lot of players will leave that game... it's a shame... Really!
  2. Hahahahaha, unbelievable... My team probably does not even know why I do not answer. Do not hope they throw me out. Can not even send the boss a message ...
  3. Hi Ines, i try it for thee times at support@blablabla.com. You are the first one who answered! That's not normal...
  4. Nothing happens... I think WSOP is the alternative... The GOP Support is incompetent and arrogant... That's not how you treat your players. Exploitation of users ...
  5. Nö, we have the same problem and nobody gave me an answer at In-Game Support or Email. Fuck it... I want my gifts for the 6 chests we won last week.
  6. No, unfortunately I can not. And we can not get the win of the last Challenge (6 boxes) because we do not come to the team site. I hope GOP finds a solution that satisfies all concerned! It's no fun! But thx mate!
  7. Hello, i can't open the team Page! The Team-Service is not available! What's that! Cheers HercONE https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjrkwvqr0x349ex/Screenshot_20180522-122854.png?dl=0