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  1. When will you repair the edit funktion of the team settings?
  2. Oops!... They Did It Again But why today? It would be better during the challenge ...
  3. It would be nice, to give the small presents not only to players on the table, but also to our teammates.
  4. I think 4 mega-spins are too less for players who reached more than 3000 points.
  5. I think i will not waste chips for heart points :-(
  6. Thanks for your effort, it's working now. But a compensation would be nice.
  7. ************ Geschlossen *************
  8. Only 2 weeks later ... What's about a compensation? We could have done the 7th chest two times ...
  9. I didn't ask how are the odds to get an Ultra Spin. A spin is like a lottery ticket.And I think it's illegal to sell lottery tickets without the odds.What is it like to sell spins?
  10. Klingt ja schon mal nicht schlecht, aber nicht in Sicht kann dauern ...
  11. What are the odds of an ultra spin?