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  1. Why is the time for Daily Activities and the Calendar Challenges now out of sync by one hour? They didn't used to be, but the Daily Activities now runs out at 7:00 GMT while the Calendar Challenge finishes at 8:00 GMT. This has only changed this week, they previously both finished at 8:00 GMT.
  2. Just wanted to report what may, or may not, be a fault. Twice in the last few days I have had a Straight Flush, very nice when they occur. However I did note that, I wasn't awarded the Daily Activity points for "winning a hand with a Flush". This may be deliberate, with the Straight taking precedence. That wouldn't be logical though, as the Flush is the higher ranked hand.
  3. Whatever reason, the game has become a bore. I've been playing for 18 months or so and never paid them anything. I just treat it as fun, it's not poker. Now, more folk (or bots?) going all-in has stripped any pretence of being poker. Rewards are getting less and less, if (as a non-payer) you start to build up a stack then the bots move in.
  4. The prizes for the Winter Calendar have been pathetic. I have just sat for half an hour to win 30 hands and have been rewarded with 5000 chips, same as every other daily challenge. I only play for fun, but the fun is wearing a bit thin.
  5. So far, had a Bronze and a Gold ticket, but where are they and how do you use them? I thought they would be in inventory
  6. I don't know why I keep playing Blackjack. It just seems so rigged. I have suspected it for a while. Tonight I had 4 splits and was sitting with 18, 19, 20, 20. The dealer then hit 21 with 7 cards. Could just be the luck of the draw of course? I'd say 80% of the time I draw when sitting with 12, I get bust with a 10. Seems even a higher percentage when I double down on 12. But I'm just paranoid
  7. No need to worry about completing the challenge, the way things are going we will be locked out of the game every other night anyway due to these dodgy, untested updates.
  8. Apparently there was an upgrade to the game today and now nobody can get on. Been like this for at least 4 or 5 hours
  9. Unable to get the last day of the World Cup Calendar, poor show. I like many on here did not miss a day. Let's hope this is sorted out swiftly.
  10. Doesn't sound much like a team to me. I was always in top half of contributors over last couple of month. This week I was sitting around 12th highest out of 35. To end up with no reward, after spending my money/coin, isn't fair. Ironically, I had just been promoted to Officer last week. Such is life, the rich get richer....
  11. If you start a challenge with your team, should you be able to be kicked off? This has happened to me this week and it seems a bit unfair. I logged on today to check how many chests we had won, only to find I had been kicked off and therefore had nothing to collect, despite having contributed to the team total. That can't be right?