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  1. Hi Ines. with this update who didnt function yeserday, 50 % of Players cant Play yesterday and cant win challenge Points. Also with all new rules for the challenge with Team Points, every Team have big Problems to make Points. Headsup gives lesser Points, Blackjack since some weeks lesser Points, Privacy games gives only 1 Point on each table. From update to update, and challenge to challenge, you make it harder, for all Teams, to win all 7 chests. Normaly you must be happy, if all poker Teams Play a lot and win all chests. This is Team poker Play, and was the bes
  2. Now is the new Update from AppStore working very well ?
  3. A lot of Players have Problems since this uptdate, but we didnt get any answer... ore help. have any Player any idea ? to fix this Problem?
  4. Hi Ines. Since this update today i cant Play... the game put/throw me and some of my Team allways out...after 5 seconds. is there any Problem ? Thanks for info.