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  1. updated version showing on my App Store as yet... did u get it??
  2. Atleast give us some time frame ,,, I am not ab;e to contact support by app . Reply here please and tell how much longer it’s gonna take . It’s getting so annoying now.. not able to be in game for more than 4-5 seconds .
  3. Even I deleted and re installed game... updated my iOS and all.. can’t even revert to previous version of this... why did I even update ..regretting it.
  4. Yes please,, this is very annoying..
  5. Yes same here,,,, I lost a lot because of this problem... and it’s not letting me to file a complaint either ,,,very frustrating and terrible . And also please reimburse our lost money.. I was winning in 2 games as well..
  6. I am trying to play on iPhone and iPad Pro ... both suck... I have iPhone 6.
  7. Why no reimburse.... this is terrible... even I lost a lot after this update ...
  8. It’s becoming impossible to even stay there now... team plz look into the matter..
  9. Hey m having same problem... and lost a lot of money because of this.. this is really so frustating . Please resolve this issue before team challenge ends.