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  1. luckily this bug don't last very long
  2. This isn’t fun anymore. blackjack is a fraud there was this bug where players kicked out of the App gift calendar bug, where we couldn’t play the last day and now this: can’t play heads up anymore
  3. Hi @Ines, what do you mean with "very soon" days, weeks, months??
  4. nobody of them is watching this forum. why else there are spam topics here advertising other poker game-sites, which are not deletet yet?!
  5. i am pretty sure now that nobody of the GOP Team is monitorng this forum since there is a spam topic about another poker game site and its not deleted yet
  6. it maybe take some time to solve this issue. but at least any GOP3 admin should make an explenation. i am not even sure if they are informed about this!
  7. there are more than just to topics about this. unfortunatelly none of the GOP3 admins reacted yet.
  8. some of my Team members claimed the ultraspin, but i can't because the calendar is gone. GOP3 has to many fatal bugs.
  9. same here the new app crashes after 2 clicks everywhere in the game, can`t play this way. playing on iphone 6s