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  1. UA-POKER-RU 2,945,645 points in the ranking, individually less than 1600000 points?????????
  2. It is enough to convert the points of the first three teams from the ranking from the previous challenge and in fact calculate the points of all players individually from my calculations shows that they have won half of what came out in the ranking
  3. I wonder how it is possible that the teams that win in the points ranking right after the end of the ranking and adding up individual points my half of what came out in the ranking
  4. Hi hello, my account and my son's account has been banned, I have not received any information from support on this subject, I am indignant, I do not use offensive language, I do not talk while playing cards, I did not use any codes or scams, I can not imagine that such behavior would fall my son too.
  5. in 42h we opened the 8th chest, the content was different and to a certain extent dependent on the points earned, but I do not know what was the key and there is no information from the creators. a player of 10,000 got ultra, but players from the 8-10 range got 7 mega without ultra, while below 8 they got 3 super and 3 ultra. Write what key is because it works demotivating and destroys team spirit and atmosphere