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  1. You say there is no cheating in GOP3, but tonight, I played in the Poker Resort with a player level 26. We were just the two of us, we had the time to play 19 times, and he won EVERYTIME. You affirm there is no cheating possible according to you FAQ, but how is it POSSIBLE a player can win 19 times in a row?!?! Your cheating begins to be very visible now, so I'm asking this very simple question to you creators and developers of this game ; how do you cheat ? Please don't reply "There's a very complex algorythm" because I would be very upset. This is so annoying to play and never have even a pa
  2. Excuse us for being frustrated since we did the tast every day (more than a month) and not having our reward when expected but it's always in that kind of situation that there's a bug. It's upsetting so much!
  3. Like a lot of people, I haven't missed one single day of the calendar. Like them, the calendar just DISAPPEARED today... I realised that a lot of players mentionned it too, AND YOU WOULD NEVER ANSWER. What's it going to be this time? A bug again? Always that good old excuse of a bug...