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Found 4 results

  1. Tried to play blackjack and then menu glitched. Thinking this was just a graphical error, I tried to bet 100k but this withdrew 600k from my account which was all lost for some reason, as all dealers had queens and my hand was glitched. Not sure how to attach images to this post but here is an imgur link:
  2. Howdy, I just wanted to share this with you, since it does not make sense to me. I was feeling lucky during blackjack, and splitted my double ace cards. Then, more aces appeared, and I even had 4 aces. But then, a 5th ace appeared. I am not a card genious, but it seems pretty impossible to me that there are 5 aces in one game, isn't it? Check out the screenshot for proof. It would be nice if you looked into it. FYI, it's about the spade ace. Just to be sure.
  3. I noticed that the blackjack tables don't operate the same as they would in the real world and i don't like it. A. The house always wins, "push" shouldn't exist. really I don't care about this one. B. The house will always hit if there is room to and they are going to lose anyways. I shouldn't see the dealer sit on a 17 when i have 18, because in the real world they know either way they are going to lose but they could hit a 2,3, or 4 and still win so why wouldn't they hit. Please apply your consideration to these issues as i feel they are diminishing to your franchise.
  4. Hello.Sit in your chair,or lay in the bed,and relax,because TODAY we will learn to play Blackjack. Blackjack is one of my favorite game ever! Its simple and aweome!So lets learn it! *To win a Blackjack you need to have 21 or less,if you have 22 or more,you are lose.Remember it. *We have 14 cards and cards are A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K. *So you know that 1+1=2? Nope? Go to school again! *So remember this! A is 1-11 2 is 2 3 is 3 4 is 4 5 is 5 6 is 6 7 is 7 8 is 8 9 is 9 10 is 10 J is 10 Q is 10 K is 10. When is Ace a 11? Ace is 11 when you get 3+7 which is 10 and you got A,you will have 21. Ace is 1 when you have for example Q+K which are 20 and you got A,you will have 21. *So calcualtions for example: A+9+2=22,you lose! 10+K+A=21,you win! 6+7+4=17 you can BET for one more! K+Q+7=27,you lose! If I am mistake let me know! But this guy never mistake,you know?! Now You are learn a Blackjack! Congratulations! Now,only thing what is left is to go in Governor Of Poker 3 and play it. This is my Tutorial which I am make,so I hope you Enjoy! See you in game! -NeiDneX