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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy, I just wanted to share this with you, since it does not make sense to me. I was feeling lucky during blackjack, and splitted my double ace cards. Then, more aces appeared, and I even had 4 aces. But then, a 5th ace appeared. I am not a card genious, but it seems pretty impossible to me that there are 5 aces in one game, isn't it? Check out the screenshot for proof. It would be nice if you looked into it. FYI, it's about the spade ace. Just to be sure.
  2. Sorry, this is not bug. I misunderstood the behavior of the bar. Another find. If you have 2xXP bonus, the bar is red - it's full if it's 30 mins, it's red to the half if time is half - 15 minutes. But if you level up while bonus is active, visually the bar will go to 0, but timer will keep going down. I did not check if this cancel the bonus of doubled XP, but it's very unlikely. I just noticed the visual bug. Proof: [Click image for big version]:
  3. Latest Update: During Challenge and present: 1) Check Fold Bet Buttons disappearing 2) Auto Fold (rare but happens - once it is your turn - you're already folded instantly) 3) XP and Team Points not being accounted for (WIN and no XP or Team Points being manifested - checked and double checked) #1 happens quite a bit #2 and #3 - sporadically