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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so the bug that do not show messages from chat history/log is still there. You need to open chat, then send at least one message/emote to make it start registering. But today I discovered other bug. If you use left & right mouse buttons really quick one after another, you may be successful to cause effect like on screenshots below, making only partial chat visible. To proof, it's not just random frame of animation, look on the "deal timer". Probably can be also done with just left click, but I found it easier to trigger with left+right. PS: Width is dependent on the speed you manage to trigger it (interval between left and right click). Click image to enlarge.
  2. "I'm out of luck" was censored to "I'm out *****". That's not proper example of your filters Probably there are more issues, but I do not use chat that much, that's why I discovered it so late.