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Found 9 results

  1. Howdy Governors! 🤠 Share your Friend ID or Team Name on this thread if you are looking for the perfect teammates to complete your Team Challenges! Also feel free to share your Referral Code to earn up to $500k Chips that can always come in handy for your poker games. In order to obtain your referral code, just press the 3 people icon in the upper part of the screen and then choose "Referrals" and"Invite Friends". Please make sure to use this thread ONLY for sharing. Any unrelated reply will be removed. Enjoy Poker!
  2. Why some players (I have only seen 2) have yellow text for their chips? [The other player is Elite, nick "212"]. (click to enlarge - guy on the right side)
  3. USA BASED team rebuilding after losing beloved leader. No minimums or expectations except effort. Bring your chips and build your inventory One Chest At A Time!
  4. With the now increasing number of Chests as source of some bit of chips, I think it's the best time to improve our gifting of daily chips function. We all need an option to SEND CHIPS TO ALL FRIENDS at once. We can't be scrolling and clicking one at a time. Also, pump the chips we can send. Up to 10k. Just suggesting. Thanks in advance.
  5. Win 40 hands in two days? 30 on the last day? Any casual player busy with school or work can't possibly come anywhere near that number, and I truly hope that isn't the intent. The world cup calender had it right, win 5 hands, play 5 hands, Etc. 20 hands a day is absurd and should be adjusted before the release. I mean no malice toward the GoP team, but as a casual player who has spent a few dollars, and is hoping to earn an Ultra Spin by September, this hurts big time.
  6. Just curious about when we can expect another gift calender. August? September? Here's to hoping it's soon! (Unless you guys know the exact date already)
  7. Just curious about when we can expect another calender. August? September? Here's to hoping it's soon! (Unless you guys know the exact date already)
  8. Yesterday, when I was opening 5 chests from Team Challenge, I already wanted to change hat (somehow winning hat makes it put it on the player, I consider that a BUG!). While changing hats, I noticed on the bottom on my screen "3 Spins". I entered and I saw that I have 3x Mega Spin. However, today I enter game, I see winter calendar, I play... then I open the rewards and it gives me Super Spin token. Btw. I believe one of rewards was written as Symbol * amount. With the asterisk there. [It's experience] Anyway, I open my 'hats' icon, because I do not like exclamation mark to be there, and I see that my counter still says "3 spins". So I check. And today I have 1x Super and 2x Mega spin. Anyone had something similar? I already messaged support, but I suspect more people might have this issue, so I made the post.
  9. hey. i started playing this game yesterday on steam. but i lost all my Chips so i added 5 Eur to steam to buy the special offer (175k for 2.99 EUR) but when i click on it nothing happends i tryed everyting and it still doesn't work now the special offer is gone and i added the 5 eur for nothing to steam:( i need some help -john