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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry, this is not bug. I misunderstood the behavior of the bar. Another find. If you have 2xXP bonus, the bar is red - it's full if it's 30 mins, it's red to the half if time is half - 15 minutes. But if you level up while bonus is active, visually the bar will go to 0, but timer will keep going down. I did not check if this cancel the bonus of doubled XP, but it's very unlikely. I just noticed the visual bug. Proof: [Click image for big version]:
  2. Latest Update: During Challenge and present: 1) Check Fold Bet Buttons disappearing 2) Auto Fold (rare but happens - once it is your turn - you're already folded instantly) 3) XP and Team Points not being accounted for (WIN and no XP or Team Points being manifested - checked and double checked) #1 happens quite a bit #2 and #3 - sporadically
  3. hey. i started playing this game yesterday on steam. but i lost all my Chips so i added 5 Eur to steam to buy the special offer (175k for 2.99 EUR) but when i click on it nothing happends i tryed everyting and it still doesn't work now the special offer is gone and i added the 5 eur for nothing to steam:( i need some help -john