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Found 2 results

  1. Hi gang. First thing, congrats on the app. Wonderful game and keep up the good work. My team are complaing of ios issues. I state ios as this is consistent with the devices being reported to me of consistent crashes. Sittingbat a table.. and then.. the app unexpectedly closes. My response has been the usual fault checking.. check storage and make room on devices by clearing unwanted apps and photos etc.. try on other devices etc. Reports coming back of similar issues on any ios device. Yet to hear of anything similar on android. Hope this helps the devs with making the game more stable. Thanks, daanco ?
  2. Hello, I have sent an email of this issue to support but thought to also include here and see if I can find an answer or at least anyone else with similar issues. I play mostly on my iPad 4th generation tablet and these issues relate to it. So mid game my app will get laggy like it is struggling to keep up with receiving packets and then it will just close. This happens often and obviously makes the game difficult to play. If I chat in the team room while playing, or even just take a look around in messages or settings etc, I can expect a crash with the app closing even more promptly. At times the team challenge points will disappear and I can no longer see them. When chatting in the team room, writing messages will become impossible as having to wait long periods of time for the pressed characters to eventually display and catch up to what I am typing. I don't have a lot of apps and photos on my iPad and have plenty of storage available. Other laptops and phones aren't having any network issues. My iPad is just the best option for in bed late night and early morning play so as not to wake my better half. Any thoughts please? Thanks guys. daanco