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  1. Losses sometimes count for -$2.5mil in Vegas Sit'NGo Leaderboard rankings? I'm not sure how widespread this is, but for me (on an iPad Pro), losses in Crown (Vegas) Sit N Go (and maybe others, but that's the only one I've tested) register as -$2.5mil -- when it should be -$1mil. It's hard to reproduce several recent issues I've seen of unpredictable math in the leaderboard rankings, but one scenario that I can consistently reproduce is: two losses in a row consistently hits me for -$5mil on the second loss. To be clear, the pattern I see is that the first loss doesn't register any negative value to the standings total, but the *second* one causes both losses to hit at 2.5x what a loss should count for. By the way, "loss" here means 3rd place or worse in Sit'NGo. If you break up the losses, I have still seen losses sort of "catch up" in strange ways at a higher penalty than they should, but it's hard to establish the exact pattern. I'll try to attach the screenshots I have of before I signed on to Crown Sit'NGo -- where I have a balance of $5mil: I had just lost, and no change occurred to the total -- but the loss is still queued somewhere, though ready to stack on the second. Then I have a second screenshot just a few minutes later after I lost ( on purpose ; ) where it shows $0 balance. ie. where $5mil - $5mil (-2.5 x2) = $0 (af I have another 'before and after', from $6mil to $1mil, where the $1mil registers as my total after a second loss in row. I'll try to figure out how to upload image attachments. = 1 shaun