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  1. Howdy Governors! We are very excited to introduce you to our new feature - Poker Teams ! Team Chat Now you can chat with your teammates anywhere! You can see who is online and where they are playing, so you can easily join them. Team Challenge It is time to team up with your friends to complete the interesting team challenges! Everyone in the team will work towards the goals as a group by earning team points, and you will earn chests when the challenges are completed. Team Points are based on XP won in a hand, the more XP you win, the more Team Points you will earn for the team. Chest can contain: Chips, Gold, XP and Hats. (Note: The start dates of Team Challenge are not fixed. A new challenge will be announced before it starts.) Team Settings There will be three types of teams: Open: Anyone can join. Invite Only: Anyone can request to join or be invited by the Leader or Officers. Closed: Players can only join if they are invited by the Leader or Officers. Currently we allow every team to have 20 members. Available requirements: Location, Level, Chip stack When creating a team, you can enter a team name, description and requirements. It costs 25 gold to create a team, and joining one is for free. Team Ranks There are 4 ranks within a team: Leader: The player who created the team. The Leader can kick any members, accept/decline any pending users, change team settings and promote/demote team members. Officer: The Officer can kick members with a lower rank, accept/decline any pending users, and promote/demote team members with a lower rank. Member: a respected member without any special rights Rookie: a new member, that still has to prove his added value to the team. Leaderboard Help your team to reach at the top of the global Leaderboard! The new feature is now released on all the platforms! Tell us what you think about the new feature, we'd like to hear from you! Comment with your feedback, and have a chance to win $100,000 chips!! (The winner of $100,000 chips will be randomly picked and announced on July 28th)
  2. Since iOS update the game closes while I’m in the middle of playing. 4 times already while in the middle of a game. I deleted the app and tried again but it still happens. I cannot send a message through the app to let you know. I was in a tournament with a $250K buy in then the second time was in a tournament with a $2M buyin. Ugh!!
  3. Hi gang. First thing, congrats on the app. Wonderful game and keep up the good work. My team are complaing of ios issues. I state ios as this is consistent with the devices being reported to me of consistent crashes. Sittingbat a table.. and then.. the app unexpectedly closes. My response has been the usual fault checking.. check storage and make room on devices by clearing unwanted apps and photos etc.. try on other devices etc. Reports coming back of similar issues on any ios device. Yet to hear of anything similar on android. Hope this helps the devs with making the game more stable. Thanks, daanco ?
  4. Hi Governors, Here's the list of Poker Teams that reached the 6th Chest Challenge LAST WEEK! Congratulations to everyone!! Is your poker team on the list? Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name 187 Carnival GaMeOvEr LES BRAS KC Poker-mons Tahiri clan 333 CashOutKings GENERALS les ch'tis Poker-stars Tattoe -=BAM=- Celtic bhoys GER AzD Les fireball pokerboletus Team Canada -=Shuppe7=- Challengers German Shark Les toreaux Pokeritalia2 Team Chacal (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) chatonne Germanflush Levantin@ CV PokerMania Team HELPERS #31# Club Winners Germanpoker1 LOLcat PokerMaxlmo Team Italia •REBEL•YELL• Coffee Club GermansPoker Looney_Tunes Pokermon! Team Lachs ♡gwada♡ CorkRebels Germany One LOS VERGAS PokerOlymp18 Team Roest 2Fast Coventry UK geshurt cowb love gamers Pokers Lover Team sensas 420 Time Cowboys Get Lucky Love Power PokerScars Team SS 4girls fun Crazy team 2 GLADIATORS Luckaize PokerStar♤ TEAM SYMPA 72 ph Crazyfriends Gli Amici Lucky ace Polska Team Team Wyvern À moi Crispy Poker Gold Ass Lucky Clover POLSKA//// Team Yookay AAAAQ Cruzeiro GoldSombrero Luxe force Polski gang TeamGus ACESS CZEpokerTeam Good Luck Mad Hatter POLSKI POKER The Aces Alliance D's angels Got GOP Maia Potland The Dutchies AllinNaBroca DamnStraight Greece Maladjusted POWER MÉXICO The España Amis de jeux DarkMinions GREEK GODS Malaspulgas Québecois The farm Aquitaine De kaaskoppe Greek Mafia Man United Rags2Riches The Scythers argentos DEALERS 777 Greeke Team Marga 1 RDRbrawlers Time Bandits As De Trebol des barjo Grinc Bisca matematici Real masters Tinka As des as Dia a dia Hard aces Merica Rebel sharks Tom 007 ASESPAÑOLES Dilly Dilly Heart beat México full Red Devil Top Atlanta Disperati Heisenberg Milionarios Region PACA TOP ITALIANI ATTACK DoubleNickel Hellas poker Millennium RELAX True friends Aussie rules DREAMTEAM FR Hispanitas Million team REUNION974 TurbulenZ Aussies Dreamteam23 Holydiver Milsanova Revenge team TX Hold'em Austria wien Dutcheese HuN ElitE Minion&Engel Rich Poker Tycomeagain AustrianElit DutchPoker HungarianZ Misfortune RiverChasers UKWinWay B +ve ECHOSBAND I MATTI Mjo RIVERKINK`S! UNION POKER B&PDreamteam Ekipa Polska i migliori 2 Motörhead Rounders # UNT0UCHABLES BaBiLoN Elite™ I.P.P. Mugiwaras ROYAL GERMAN Valkiria Babuzz Equipazo Ibet,ufold NASA CZ Royal Guard Vanquish BackthePack EquipeFRANCE IL MARE NEDERLAND2 Royal Tugas VOLARE Bangers&Mash ESPAÑA UNIDA InsertCoin Nederlands ROYALAMERICA Vvendetta Bayern Power Eternity Win ITALIA POKER Nga Yel Min Royale-Team W L' ITALIA Belgian team Express Italia Team Nice friends RoyaLfamily WHITE LION Belgium Extrabreit Italia1 Ninj@Turtles Rubber Bands White Poker ben&fils FAIR EAGLES ItalianPoker NLPoker RUBIKONAS Wiener Blut BERLIN POKER Family Pot ITALIANSTYLE Os tugas RUSP0KER WildWest 2.0 best-players FeelingFlush Italy poker Outlaw Russia WildWestHero Beta King FENIX Ivano Owls RussianFlush WINERS BLACK MAGIC FIGHT CLUB jojo team Papa Smerf S M Team Winter team Black pearl finland Jokers PG Seb France Wir Helden black rose FINLANDIA Just Dont PIACENZA Serbia Wolfs Black&Red Floripa-BR Keilerrotte PIEKŁO PL Shark Town Wonderland BlackJack Flower Power KillerPirate Pinoy Royale SimbaCastle world team Bluffingface Flush KINGSnQUEENS Pirates Team Sister XANTHOS BoiaChiMolla FLUSH GARDEN kisti simu POK Masters Slovak Elite xx ZOZO 2 xx Bon joueurQc Flush Royal Kratos Poker Ellite Snakenmyboot xx ZOZO xx BR Sit & Go Folds Kuala Lumpur Poker España SNT 13 Zecha Stars BRASIL-SP Fox Poker 1 Kyra Family POKER GANGS SOONERS #1 zetra. braveheart Fr-cowboys l'as poker Poker ITALY! SOULMATES Любители Brazukas French Chips LA FENICE Poker Lovers Spain Team ПИTЕР breton team Frenchforce La Fortezza Poker Onkelz SpainTeam Россия BROTHERS FrenchGamble La matrice Poker Pimps Spicey Sarah РУСЬ Buenos Aires Fresh Start LaFrenchTeam Poker Polska Star of Hope Хорошие Люди Bumble Bees Frnds poker LaLaLaLadies Poker pro's Stinger Bees CalabriaMia Fun and win LazyAces Poker suprem Super star Camelot's Fuscaldo Legendary Poker top Super Tokens Canitos galicia Legion Doom Poker union Swedes CARDSHARK$ Game ON ! LES BISOUS Poker-Italy sweet dream
  5. Hi Governors, Here's the list of Poker Teams that reached the 6th Chest Challenge LAST WEEK Congratulations to everyone!! Is your poker team on the list? Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name 333 Coventry UK Gold Ass Mad Hatter Pokers Lover Team sensas -=BAM=- Cowboys Golden Boots Maia PokerScars Team Shagger -=Shuppe7=- Crazy team 2 Good Luck Maladjusted PokerStar♤ Team Spirit ♡gwada♡ Cruzeiro Greece MASIACHIBAND PokerStars Team SS 420 Time Czech player GREEK FREAKS matematici Polska Team TEAM SYMPA 4girls fun DamnStraight Greek Mafia Merica POLSKA//// Teamgeist AAAAQ DarkMinions Happy Poker México full POLSKI POKER TeamToMvp<3 ACESS De kaaskoppe Hard aces Millennium POWER MÉXICO The Dutchies AllinNaBroca DEALERS 777 Harem Million team Québecois The farm Amis de jeux Dia a dia Heart beat Milsanova Rags2Riches The Scythers Aquitaine Dilly Dilly HuN ElitE Minion&Engel Rarissimos The Sheriffs argentos DINOSAURS I MATTI Misfortune RDRbrawlers Time Bandits As De Trebol Dodge city i migliori 2 Mjo Real masters Tom 007 As des as DREAMTEAM FR Ibet,ufold MoptyAustria Red Devil Top Atlanta Dreamteam23 Ibiritepoker Motörhead Region PACA TOP ITALIANI ATTACK DutchPoker IL MARE Mugiwaras Rep dom pokr Tram France Aussie rules ECHOSBAND InsertCoin NASA CZ REUNION974 True friends Aussies Elite™ ITALIA POKER NEDERLAND2 Revenge team TX Hold'em AustrianElit EquipeFRANCE Italia Team Nederlands Rich Poker Tycomeagain Avvoltoi ESPAÑA POKER Italia1 Nice friends RiverChasers ultimate Babuzz ESPAÑA UNIDA ITALIANSTYLE Ninj@Turtles RIVERKINK`S! UNION POKER BackthePack Eternity Win Italy poker NL Rock it UNT0UCHABLES Bada Bing Excalibur Ivano NLPoker Rounders # Valkiria Bangers&Mash Extrabreit JackOfSpades O sole mio ROYAL GERMAN Vanquish Bankrobbers FAIR EAGLES jojo team Ojswag2 Royal Guard Vaya tela Bayern Power FeelingFlush Just Dont Orujos SL ROYALAMERICA VeniVidiVici Belgian team FIGHT CLUB KillerPirate Os tugas Royale-Team VOLARE ben&fils finland KINGSnQUEENS Outlaw RoyaLfamily Vvendetta BERLIN POKER FINLANDIA kisti simu Owls Royality W L' ITALIA best players Floripa-BR Kratos PackerBacker Rubber Bands WHITE LION Beta King FLUSH GARDEN Kuala Lumpur Papa Smerf RUBIKONAS White Poker BLACK MAGIC Flush Royal Kyra Family PG RUSP0KER WHITE WIDOWS Black pearl Folds l'as poker Pinoy Royale Russia WildChild Black&Red Fox Poker 1 LA FENICE PIRATES RussianFlush WildWest 2.0 Bo. Dortmund Fr-cowboys La matrice Pirates Team S M Team WildWestHero BoiaChiMolla France power LaLaLaLadies PocketRocket Seb France WINERS Bon joueurQc French Chips Legendary POK Masters Serbia Winter team BR Sit & Go Frenchforce Les As Fr. Poker Ellite Shark Town Wir Helden BRASIL-SP FrenchGamble LES BISOUS Poker España SimbaCastle Wolfs braveheart Fresh Start LES BRAS KC Poker ITALY! SOONERS #1 world team brazuca Frnds poker les ch'tis Poker Ladies SOULMATES XANTHOS BROTHERS Fun and win Les fireball Poker Lovers Spain Team xx ZOZO xx Buenos Aires Fuscaldo Les toreaux Poker Onkelz SpainTeam Zecha Stars Bumble Bees galicia Levantin@ CV Poker Pimps Spicey Sarah zetra. CalabriaMia Game ON ! LOLcat Poker Polska Spingteam Любители Camelot's GaMeOvEr Looney_Tunes Poker pro's Star of Hope Россия Canitos GER AzD Los Chidos Poker Queens Stinger Bees РУСЬ CARDSHARK$ German Poker love gamers Poker top Tahiri clan Торквемады Celtic bhoys Germanflush Love Power Poker-Italy Tattoe Хорошие Люди chatonne Germanpoker1 Lucky ace Poker-stars Team Canada Club Winners Germany Lucky Clover pokerboletus Team Chacal Coffee Club Germany One Lucky you Pokeritalia2 Team HELPERS COLOSSEO ROM geshurt cowb PokerMaxlmo Team Italia CorkRebels Gli Amici Luxe force Pokermon! Team Roest
  6. Hi Governors! We have a new great Governor of Poker 3 update for you: Gift Calendar: Get a free gift each day! Holiday events Ultra Spin Seasonal Event Missions XP bar fixed - Many bug fixes Double XP After the free spin!
  7. Hey Governors, The maximum number of team members has been raised from 20 to 25 ! Play with a bigger team, and make more friends!
  8. We have a new great Governor of Poker 3 update for you: Missions: Play saloon missions and earn extra rewards Animated Halloween hats! Halloween Spin and Play event on the train Xp bar in profile, with target numbers and reward New Xp balance: So MUCH more XP when you play in higher saloons! Higher Levelup rewards! Country Flags in player profiles Improvements to Team Challenge graphics Many bug fixes