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People do not seem to be actively posting here, except to complain.  What I want people to know is that the Pirate Event is a significant step to address the percieved "problem" of bingo players. 

I have no problem with bingo players, but that is another subject.  Just realize this is "hold em poker."  Anything can happen in "hold em poker."  This is a boring game played professionally.  You sit at the table and fold hand after hand.  In a 5 player table, you should be folding 80% of your hands in a 5 player game and 87.5% of your hands in a 8 player game. 

This is going to be exciting for me to see how it plays out, especially to see how team points are awarded.  I play for team points, not chips.  I hope that people will post honestly on what they experience at the Pirate event tables.

Hoping for a Great Event!!!

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The pot limit does not seem to have any affect on game play.  I played 2 hands and was out.  I had 4 to a king high flush after the flop, so I kept in the pot and lost to a full house.  So, no effect upon game play from what I am seeing.  I was worried that we would end up playing until the blinds affected play, but this is not the case.  I will keep playing in the Pirate tables as the keys keep coming to me.  Thank you for mixing it up and trying to keep things interesting.

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The jury is still out on the new limit in the balloon event for me.

My main concern is it may affect the ability to make my best starting hands pay.

For example, if I get dealt an AK I like to go all-in and usually only 1 or 2 other people may call which gives me a decent chance of doubling up, and puts me in the driving seat.

Sometimes none will call in which case I happily bank the blinds.

However, with the max bet I notice more players are coming into that pot. Which gives a lesser chance of it holding up.

Only played a few games so far, so I'll need to play more to see whether I personally like it or not.

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Don't care one way or another about the pot limit.   Thing I found is if two or more players have good cards, they just keep raising till they hit all in.   Just wastes some time is all.


Still I like these events.  Even IF I so rarely actually win.   Not my favorite tables but I do still play them on occasion.


Now if GOP really wanted to set betting limits, that's exactly what it should be.  ONE max bet and that's it.  Say that max would be a percentage of your current stash of chips at that table.   Could be interesting.  


What ever you guys do I'll try it. 

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