Table captions for (occasional) idiots like me


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This one is my fault. No doubt. But you can help.

I'd just started a Sit'n'Go (and got a big lead with lucky hands that busted some players out) when the phone rang. Happens to all of us.

A few minutes later (after I'd folded some terrible dealt hands while on the phone), I decide to close the table to focus on my phone call. There were only a couple of players left and they had tiny pots.

Except I wasn't playing a cash game, I was playing (and winning) a S'n'G. I unwittingly cost myself my entire buy-in.


As I said -- my fault. But would it hurt to put a caption on the table screen indicating what type/level of game one is playing?


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Hey, I do not think it's needed. When you try to quit table it says exactly, that buy-in will be lost. I'd suggest to make it RED FONT so people pay more attention.
And it would look better with option "Cancel" or "Keep playing" while clicking 'leave table' button.

Sit&Go are always 5 players games with total sum of 15k $. Unless someone quits prematurely, but that's not even 1% of games.

That's my opinion, Devs might have different than mine.

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If there was a warning, I didn't see it. I'm pretty sure there wasn't.

If a warning was actually displayed (vs a bug) and I missed it, then I agree that a red font is sufficient.  You can only do so much to protect an idiot from himself, even when the idiot is me.

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Beridok, I am fully willing to admit I may have missed that warning. I've missed much more obvious hints... like there was this one girl in Goettingen, who asked me... anyway, I didn't see such a pop-up, and I'd actually reviewed my [visible] status before I closed. (The possibility that it was a Sit'n'Go hadn't occurred to me)

I don't blame anyone. It was, above all and foremost, my duty to know what game/stakes I was playing. This was just a suggestion for improvement.

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