Serious Bot Infestation


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Hi guys at GOP,

Not whining, but just checking you guys on the team are aware there is a serious bot infestation in the game at the moment.

Can explain further and supply screenshots if necessary, but I'm assuming you are aware, and working on it.

Just wanted to double check.


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8 hours ago, Salvo GOP said:

Howdy Gookat!šŸ¤  Many thanks for asking. We would like to reassure you that our devs and support teamĀ are aware of these cheating players. They are doing their best to investigate them and ban them from the game.

Hi Salvo,

Good to hear you are aware. Hasn't affected me personally.

From what I can see, the devs will have there work cut out, and re: the investigation, I could offer some information if required (their motivation etc), but I suspect it wouldn't be anything you guys dont already know.

Good luck.


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