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Hi guys,

I have a gripe about the new points system and it concerns crystal palace.

I was just playing in there and I get dealt KK, so a raise a little preflop.

Then with the flop I hit a third K and so I'm confident I have a good chance of winning the hand and I raise a bit more, (8 or 9 times out of 10,  I'll go on to win it with a KKK full house, hence my betting).

By the river I've managed to suck another couple of players in, but it just so happens the board has produced a straight which means a split pot.

Going into the hand I had about 12m chips and one of the other players had 15m or so, so decent stacks.

Because of the split pot on the board he now goes all-in, and I am either forced to match that bet, or lose all the chips I've already put in the pot.

So I call, and the result is I now get 6 points and lose a load of chips to the house commission on the hand.

Now, I played the hand exactly the way it should be done, betting incrementally at each new card because I believed I had the best hand. No bingo.

I didn't lose the pot and was forced into either waving a substantial amount of chips goodbye, or calling, and paying a load of rake and getting 6 points for my trouble.

That doesn't seem very well balanced, and maybe something to look at.

Thanks GK


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I just read GOODKAT's comment.  I have to second his sentiments.  I am playing at the Royal Poker table in Las Vegas.  The new point system is ridiculous in terms of awarding of team points and the awarding of chips won record.  I second Goodkat's complaint about only receiving only 6 points for ties.  What is really crazy is that I have to pay the rake and yet receive no credit for the money I put into the game for a tie. I tie the hand and yet receive Zero chip credit for a tie hand and yet I receive 6 points.  The team points should be awarded to the amount of rake that is taken in by the house,  That is the only fair way to award team points.  We are paying for the team points via the rake.  The more rake the house takes in the more team points should be awarded.  Am I making any sense here? 

So as a result, what I am doing now is when I see a tied hand is obvious, I am folding the hand rather than get sucked into paying a huge rake for only 6 points.  This should not be the case.  The tied hand is of course, a straight on the board.  This is crazy.  Again, I reiterate, the only fair way for this to work is to tie the amount of team points to the rake that the house takes in.

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The table that I earn the most team points is at the Royal Poker table in Las Vegas with the old point system.  Under the new point system,, which tables are people earning the most team points?   This new system of tied hands only yielding 6 team points really is maddening. 

I have to say that ties giving no chip credit for the daily challenges is not preventing me from earning the 100 points per day for the highest chest each day -- but it is taking longer. 

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I just looked at my team.  With the new point system, no one on my team looks to have enough points to win the eighth chest.  On my team, last week,  four players made it to emerald.  Each week we have had as many at 8 players make it to emerald. 

If you are going to make it this hard to win the eighth team chest, please take us back to the 8th chest being the ruby chest. 

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Yes, the problem is there are many highrollers coming onto the table who were used to just shoving all-in when they see that straight on the board to get the points.

Then you have a choice to either throw away the chips you already put into the pot, or call their all-in and pay the rake for the 6 points, which is disproportionate.

So it's literally a no win situation when the board produces a straight now. You just lose chips one way or the other, and for 6 measly points.

You would hope that after the newbies doing this once or twice and seeing the result they would stop doing that.

But unfortunately this isn't the case.

It really is quite frustrating.

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Another simple way of putting it is;

I'm playing the game exactly as it's meant to be played (or at least the way GOP would prefer I play it, as per the general consensus).

I am not losing the hand.

And yet one way or another I am losing chips through no fault of my own, for at best a maximum of 6 points, which is disproportionate to the rake.

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Well, my son did a study of the players in the game.  The team that we are on, before the change, there were 4 to 10 people  on the team that made Emerald.  This last round, there were only 2 players that made emerald out of 50.  He counted the number of poker buddies that made emerald before the point change and he counted 14 players.  After the change, he said that he counted 22 players that made it to emerald!!!  We both are poker buddies with mostly VIP players.  He asked them what they thought of the new point system and they  invariably played at the straight poker tables, not the Royal Poker tables.  They like the new point system, because they say that the number of fish at the tables has gone up and they are having a great time taking their money at the poker tables.  Actually, when I am at the tables, other than royal poker, the non-VIP players, expecially the "shark" players, are "giving" their chips to me.  They go all in on ridiculous hands.  All I have to do is be patient and I match their bets when I have a great hand and take their money.

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It has been 3 weeks and the new Royal Poker makes it impossible to make team points at that table.  No matter how much you bet, if you tie a hand, you only get 6 points.  That would be fine, except that there are hands where I tie the winning hand and I win a large number of chips because other people have dropped out of the betting or they lose the hand with two of us winning and we get 6 points each.  I would give up playing Royal Poker, but I end up winning tens of millions of chips a day at that table, but not earning many points.  I have now reached diamond level for about the third week in a row, where I was winning emerald level before. 

The only other thing is that it seems that everyone else is suffering too.  There seems to be very few emerald players at the Royal Poker tables.  I play mostly in Vegas and some games in Gold Rocks and I am no longer seeing emerald level players at those casino levels.  I go to the Strip and all I see are emerald and ruby level players there with occassional diamond or lower players.  This is not a complaint, but just an observation.  My team is now down to only one player each week reaching emerald level.  I cannot even hope to reach ruby level.

BUT - I keep winning about 25 million in chips per day and I am advancing in the leaderboard.  I miss winning all of the emerald level perks...

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