Sexual Harassment at the GOP3 tables.


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I have a poker buddy who is a VIP player with over 5 billion chips.  She is getting sexually harrassed at the tables.  She says that she has reported the incidences, yet it happens over an over with the same people.  How often do you guys follow up on these reports from the tables?  I know that I have complained here and it seems to me that whenever I complain, the offending people or their offending avatar pictures or behavior at the tables, stops. 

I apologized to her, because of the way that inventory mechanics are, I accidently click on the sex toggle and my sex changes from male to female.  Whenever people send me lewd comments at the table, I just click on the sex icon and change myself back into male and they 99% of the time, stop.  The 1% that continue, they start calling me a "pussy."  I just ignore them and try to up my game and take all of their chips and bust them.  I am not normally that way.  I do not play to bust people at the tables and usually end up sandbagging people.  So, when I play to bust people, I feel that I have been insulted.  What I find is that these people that make these lewd comments to female players, are terrible poker players. 

Anyway, what can be done for my Poker Buddy?

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We are sorry to read that Yamagata. Please tell your poker buddy to report those harassing players immediately to our Support Team at In addition to that, please remind her that she can mute and report any harassing users by clicking on their avatars.  Our support team will do their best to take proper actions against those players.

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