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I know it may seem like a lot of work for little reward, but hat management is a nightmare for your more regular players.

It became cumbersome after about 15 hats, and after less than 5 months of play, I've won about 100. Literally  100. I say "about" because I got two different counts, and I'm not doing THAT again. Try it. You'll see.

I can't imagine what the situation would be like in another 5 months. You guys give them away too liberally (in lieu of chips? How about giving gold coin more often, if you don't want to give chips?)

I'm hoping someone on the team has been working on some bright idea (like maybe a "favorite hats" shortcut).  They'd have my vocal support.

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15 hours ago, Der Doc said:

Just give us the Option to Sell them for Chips or Gold, i would love to reduce them.

Nope... you can buy either via real money. You can use gold in HeadsUpChallenge to get chips... And via chips you get achievements, points in team challenge which provide you gold...

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