Could not purchase GOP Club at any level but 99.99 level...


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I tried to purchase the $44.99 level of GOP Club Membership and going through Steam, Steam will not let me.  I click on the button and the button in GOP just spins and spins and spins, then changes to the green USD 44.99 button.  About 1 out of 3 tries on clicking the button, I get the message : "Are you sure?  If you completed payment for this membership, please reboot the game or wait 24 hours to process before trying again."  I click on continue and the button once again spins and spins and changes to the green USD 44.99 button.  What is maddening is that this happens with every choice of button except the $99.99 button.  I just want to try a lower level, not $99.99 for 90 days.

What is going on?

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