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Hi Governors,

Some people on the Forum asked for a list of Poker Teams that reached the 6th Chest Challenge. 

Here's the list ;)


Congratulations to everyone!!  :D

Is your poker team on the list? :) 

Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name Team Name
Poker Lovers CARDSHARK$ UNT0UCHABLES Club Winners UNION POKER Stinger Bees
IL MARE Valkiria Minion&Engel xx ZOZO xx De kaaskoppe RUBIKONAS
Golden Boots finland Fr-cowboys -=BAM=- Rags2Riches German Shark
Lucky you Coffee Club Camelot's Frnds poker Germanpoker1 Revenge team
SpainTeam InsertCoin Bangers&Mash PocketRocket Fox Poker 1 RussianFlush
Red Pigeons ROYAL GERMAN Lucky ace WildWestHero Hard aces Pokers Lover
LES BRAS KC BackthePack Serbia EquipeFRANCE Kyra Family Poker union
Jokers Team Shagger Time Bandits ultimate Koral España Frenchforce
Poker Pimps Maladjusted Vaya tela Les fireball BoiaChiMolla ECHOSBAND
Poker Ellite Fort Knox HuN ElitE Tattoe Kratos GREEK FREAKS
ItalianPoker AAAAQ Aussie rules Belgian team Fun and win ITALIANSTYLE
Crazy team 2 Excalibur NLPoker CalabriaMia Kuala Lumpur As des as
geshurt cowb Amis de jeux REUNION974 BROTHERS Challengers TX Hold'em
MASIACHIBAND Celtic bhoys Pokeritalia2 Russia Outlaw Ibet,ufold
Ivano Nice friends Ninj@Turtles XANTHOS Coventry UK La Fortezza
Motörhead Aussies Fish all in РУСЬ chatonne Poker Powers
Atlanta POK Masters Nederlands love gamers Star of Hope DutchPoker
world team LOLcat TEAM SYMPA LES BISOUS RUSP0KER Tycomeagain
Italy poker Dodge city The Dutchies WildWest 2.0 Game ON ! Italia Team
THE PRO team Papa Smerf Legendary Poker ITALY! Mugiwaras Lucky Clover
CARDSHARK$ The Scythers Poker-stars Germany One Mexico power kisti simu
Vanquish HOLDEMHIGH BRASIL-SP Team Spirit Pinoy Royale Team Italia
Flush Royal Elite™ Pokermon! 4girls fun Vvendetta NASA CZ
Red Devil White Poker Tom 007 Med poker DamnStraight zetra.
Spain Team Dreamteam23 Seb France BERLIN POKER Polacy Greece
420 Time Poker-Italy The farm The Sheriffs PG Millennium
Spingteam Love Power DINOSAURS COB Bumble Bees PIRATES
Extrabreit Ekipa Polska Poker Brasil Real masters Spicey Sarah ESPAÑA POKER
Poker Onkelz Shark Town Owls 333 LaLaLaLadies True friends
ATTACK PokerScars La matrice Buenos Aires Poker España Centaurus
Bon joueurQc DEALERS 777 Team Chacal Россия Winter team Dilly Dilly
Pirates Team Os tugas SOULMATES FAIR EAGLES Merica  
SOONERS #1 BR Sit & Go FINLANDIA vegas2018all Team Canada  
galicia Polski gang Legion Doom WHITE WIDOWS jojo team  
Poker Polska ПИTЕР Хорошие Люди As De Trebol best players  


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Hi Apollo, thank you for the Ultra !

By "chance", can you tell us what is the probability to get an Ultra for a team ?

To be honest with you, i don't think my team will reach the 6th challenge who begin tomorrow.

See you friday for live stream with lot of chips gift. :)

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So, about 200 Teams got it to the 6th Cheast. I don't know how many teams are on work this game for the Challange, Ines unfortunatly u did not publish this as well !! My Team is on Rank 12984. We managed to get 5 Cheasts in 2 days before the Changes.

Those Changes u published at the login Screen are not worth it.....GIVE US BACK DOUBLE XP POINTS AT THE HEADSUP!!!!!!

I am tired to argue, u are just interrested in getting people to spend money for the game. Be happy with it, I will not give a single Cent to be treated!!

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Hi @7CrdSTUD, they were just put randomly, there is no order to it. :) 

Hi @Parasurfer, sorry but we can not publish every team that worked for the 6th chest, but we cheer on every team! With the points being re balanced this week, I'm sure you will be able to reach the 6th chest! :D 

Hi @radiant sorry but we can not tell you the chance of having an ultra spin.Try the 6th chest with your team and maybe you will have it! :D 

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Ines: Ok ,I am sorry I missed it what makes one team farther up the list than another? 6 columns in and 14 down is not 38th and the list is not alphabetical.


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forgot to add to who comment was addressed to.
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