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Hi  there, in what order does the team names show up? My Team is Dealears 777 and we completed the 6th chest challenge in less than 24 hours. I think the preise is still to small. You should ad a ULTRA SPIN TOKEN, we dont need so many hats!!!! we are not playing for hats....!!!?, should also ad a list in order to see what team finish in first place according to time and not randomly, And is unfair that MVP players dont have any distinction from others players.... from begining.... should have a trophy or more chips anything more so everyone on team would try to be mvp, compete for it!  AND ONCE AGAIN LET ME SAY HOW UNFAIR IS THE TEAMS CHALLENGE RANKING BASED ONLY IN THE MONEY CHIPS THAT YOU WIN OR LOSE... CAN'T YOU SEE HOW UNFAIR THAT IS, OF COURSE WHO EVER HAVE MORE CHIPS AND PLAY AT LAS VEGAS ALSO WINS A LOT MORE.... WHY DON'T YOU MAKE IT BASED ON TIME, WHO EVER FINISH IT IN FIRST PLACE GET THE TROPHYS . For me this ranking is only buull shiiiitt, no one cares any more about this list, nobody understands it, you give 5 days and who ever wins more chips wins a trophy that is no good, no interesting. for example day one team wins a milion day two comes a player and loses all we're back to shit and cant do nothing about it....unfair team players can't compete ! it was much better to put a fix target/chips goal and less time to do it. who ever finish it first wins team trophy.  :)

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Hi Governors, Some people on the Forum asked for a list of Poker Teams that reached the 6th Chest Challenge.  Here's the list   Congratulations to everyone!!   Is your poker te

No, we (team "Flush") barely got into 5th chest, due that changes made in HUC - I guess some of teammates used that game mode a lot before changes...

So, about 200 Teams got it to the 6th Cheast. I don't know how many teams are on work this game for the Challange, Ines unfortunatly u did not publish this as well !! My Team is on Rank 12984. We mana

6 minutes ago, Yash said:

Hey I didn't get the ultra spin in the 6 chest.

You said you have added a ultraspin. But I didn't get. You lied ???

Hi Yash, i know how disappointed you can be.

But, they told us there was a small chance to get the Ultra spin.

Even if you reach the 6th chest, you will not get automatically the Ultra spin.

If i have well understand the pop up before the challenge began last thursday.

Can someone affirm or deny that.


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hello,  my team is zetra and we have win the 6 chest challenge twice time. 


I have read people will list with firts  place and more win for the best team.

I not OK: beacause team with much money play on big table and  win more point that little team who play on small table.

If this wish can be real and just , GOP must make an proportional adadtation with the level played to all player. Also, all player/team is on the same level and the race is excatly the same for all.

If you play and win you have point, if you can not play  much, you have  not so much point. the same rules for all.


So, good night to all  and tY  to GOP for this great poker site.



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6 minutes ago, Iggychic said:

Woo hoo mad hatters!   We worked hard lol   I actually got 18,000 plus myself but my team worked their bums off!   I can't believe some people cheated and it's frustrating because we want to compete again.   I was going to do 20, week ?

Ack wrong week.   But I didn't get an ultra spin either heh heh   


For The record, I wanted a cat hat but I could care less about the others and would rather win spins and money.   

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