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2 hours ago, Salvo GOP said:

Where did you see those hands Armybeef68? Either way, we would like to reassure you that our game uses a certified RNG. If you want to learn more, please make sure the check out the following FAQ: 

LOL....you people. and this game is a joke, how many dozens of times have I had a face card, you had a two, I throw everything in, all of a sudden I have 12 and you get 21...DOZENS




You want to prove us wrong, give us the ability to post pictures and videos, I GUARANTEE you wont....GUARANTEE. 

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On 10/5/2020 at 3:35 AM, armybeef68 said:

9 Straights in a Row? Than a four of a kind, than a Royal Flush? Seriously?



I'd show you pictures but the rip-off artists won't allow you to post pics.




(Don't even ask about the other games that were obviously a set-up)

Oh please.  I bet if YOU were getting those hands you wouldn't be complaining.

I just played a few games, saw full house after full house.  Royal flush, several flushes.  You can still win even if those are not your hands.  Gotta know when to fold um.

Besides, I'd rather see games with nice hands like that then games where players win with total garbage over and over.  Those are slow games since no one bets on junk, and those are the most boring games.  

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I have been playing in the Royal Poker Balloon Event.  Are you seeing those hands there?  I just ran a table with 2 AAAKK full houses, a straight, a Royal Flush and 4 Qs.    I see at least one Royal Flush, if not two during one of the Balloon events.  The minimum hand that winds 99% of the time at Royal Poker is a straight  and if there is a straight on the board, everyone wins.  You get your chips back, but there are only 6 team points in Vegas.

I still hate the lack of team points in the Vegas Royal Poker table.  All I can win there is chips.  Since you guys changed the points system, I still go there to win chips and I am going up at least 15 million per day.  I have won 80 million per day for the last two days -- but I am not collecting enough team points to advance to Ruby or Emerald..  I still cannot get above Diamond level in the team competition.  I was earning Emerald each week for 29 times in a row.  I would rather win Emerald Rings than chips. 

The only good thing that has happened with all my experience at playing Royal Poker is that I won my very first event ring after 4 years and 7 months of playing GOP3.  It is no coincidence that the Halloween event is Royal Poker.  I know how to play royal poker and win, but you guys have gutted the game for team points. 

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