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Since you folks changed the banner on top, added more and more ways to ask for money, this game has slowed to a crawl.

Right now I'm waiting to "connect to server" just to play a game.   Can't.  Opening last weeks batch of chests, every single one brought up a spinning wheel and locked up for a min or so. 

Ever hear of KISS?   Keep It Simple Stupid?

Too  much crap to load, bogging down the game so NOTHING will load.


The time it took me to write this, I STILL cannot get into a game, and can't even back out.   Quitting.   Maybe I'll try again later.  Or maybe I'll just collect spins, slot machine, gifts, then leave.  Hope you sort this out for the next challenge.  

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Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I'm suppose to get notices when someone replies but so far never have. 

But yea, I got back in the next day I think.  Glad it was a short term glitch.  I really do like this game.



Now... is this game timing out?   Use to be I could minimize the window and do other things for hours sometimes and come back and not need to log in all over.   But lately when I come back the whole window is frozen.  Forced to quit, relaunch, re log in.... RE remove those annoying buttons at the bottom.

I don't like it.  Also don't like all the new junk.   That scrolling banner across the top is very distracting and useless.  And WOW the pop ups now.  Getting too pushy.  Pretty sure everyone already knows how to buy extra chips and what not.  Pop ups are about as annoying as those things that fall out of a new magazine onto the floor.  NOT ONCE have I ever said OH HEY I NEED TO GO BUY THAT.   No, they just get picked up and thrown in the trash.  Until I simply stopped buying magazines all together.   Get the  hint?

Nothing wrong with deals and offers.  I get it, this is a business.   Just stop throwing them in our faces.  GEES after every game one pops up. NO meant NO the first time.

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Oh I didn't lose out on much, came in second so got my chips back.   Only missed a few hands. 
Still... how does that happen?   Never had a website run out of memory before.  

Could it be that my minimizing the window for hours at a time is suddenly causing issues?   Never has before, just want to know.  I'll simply shut opera off between rounds if that's the case.  

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